Microsoft releases new version of Office Insider for Windows users

Office Insiders on Windows haven’t had a chance to test new features in a while. This changes with today’s office Build 2207 Build 15427.20000which adds new functionality for Excel, as well as a good set of fixes for issues found in Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Office Suite, Access, OneNote, and Publisher.

Build 15427.20000 for Windows is available to registered Office Insiders in the beta channel. It allows users to disable specific types of automatic data conversions, eliminating the need to worry about Excel converting your data into a format you didn’t want and expect. You can now navigate to Case > Choice > Advanced > Automatic data conversion and choose the conversion(s) you want to disable.

You can read the full official changelog to learn more about the feature and what’s been fixed below.

Change log

In other Office-related news, Microsoft recently released Office Version 16.0.15427.20004 for Android users, bringing more optimized Excel for Android users. Microsoft has sped up the time it takes to enter a formula into a cell by reducing memory usage. It does not include any other changes, nor does it offer bug fixes and improvements. The latest version of Windows Office in Current Channel lets you add SketchUp files to your Office designs. This means it’s now easier to create shareable conceptual designs, such as fully textured architectural models and other graphics used in industrial design and product design, as well as civil and mechanical engineering.

Microsoft releases a new Office update every month for Beta Channel subscribers on Windows, adding new features and changes. Microsoft is also expected to release a new version of Office Insider for Beta Channel Insiders next month. We’ll let you know if we find anything interesting in the update.

To update Microsoft Office Insider Preview Build to the latest version, open any Office program and go to File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.

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