Microsoft provides new performance guidance for Windows 11 gamers

Before it started, Microsoft often told anyone who would listen to Windows 11’s gaming prowess – the first time since it discontinued. Despite the fact that our surveys last December showed many Windows 11 and Windows 10 to be neither better nor worse than Windows 10. Today Microsoft released a new blog post and other helpful tips for gamers to improve gaming performance in Windows 11.

Microsoft advises users to tweak their PC configuration in two main ways in order to get better gaming performance. This is the reverse of Hypervisor’s hVCI, also known as Memory Integrity, and virtual machine platform (VMP).

This blog post can help you understand why these security features exist, why they are default on all new Windows 11 devices, and why gamers should not disable them at least temporarily. The idea of ​​prioritizing performance might interest Brain to try these changes, but Microsoft warns that once they’re off, the device can be vulnerable to threats.

Once all warnings are met, Microsoft kindly offers a simple follow-up guide for gamers to point out the two security settings that may affect game performance.

Microsoft may not explain the performance benefits that you can disable HVCI and/or VMP. We are sorry that the difference between safety and security is between five and ten percent. Our guess isn’t based on early testing in Windows 11’s first week of launch, pairing Microsoft’s Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) and HVCI, and indicating performance changes, but it’s still possible to change.

We haven’t tested Microsoft’s latest tips with the latest version of Windows 11 (v 22H2), but readers should use these officially approved Windows 11 DIY tips to benefit from them. We know that many gamers are now starting to upgrade to Windows 11.

Let us know in the comments if you’re following Microsoft’s latest gaming tips and what advantage you’ve shown us. As usual, if a reader chooses to stray away from Microsoft’s latest game optimization tips, share your thoughts.

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