Microsoft plans to release “Moment” updates to add new features to Windows 11 after 10:22 p.m.

There are only a few days left until the Windows 11 22H2 rollout begins – or the Windows 11 2022 Update as it seems likely to be called. There’s a lot to look forward to in this big update, but Microsoft has already planned smaller updates soon after.

Having previously said that Windows 11 would only receive one major update per year, Microsoft also seems to be planning to release minor updates, currently called “Moments”. References to Moment 1 and Moment 2 updates have been spotted, and although these are smaller updates, they will bring new features to Windows 11.

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Little is known about Moment updates at the moment, certainly nothing official in the form of an announcement from Microsoft. But there is evidence on GitHub that seems to confirm the existence of the Moment 1 and Moment 2 updates, as shared on Twitter by Xeno Panther:

The first Moment update is known internally as build 228xx, while the Moment 2 update is build 229xx. We already know that the Windows 11 2022 update is build 22621, and it has now reached RTM, which means that – unless serious issues are discovered – no further changes or additions will be made.

Latest version of Windows cites “sources familiar with Windows 11 development” saying Moment Updates are Microsoft’s new way of adding new features to the operating system outside of major releases.

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