Microsoft Outlook to get MacOS Ventura functionality

Ever wanted to stop the sending process of an email you typed on your Mac shortly after sending it? This capability is something Apple will add to the macOS Ventura mail app later this year, but now Microsoft has a solution for you too.

Now in test with Office Insiders is an “unsend” feature for Outlook for Mac. This feature is one of the long-requested features for Outlook on Mac and can be easily configured for beta testers right now. However, it should not be confused with a real message reminder. The feature simply delays sending a message for a short time. Real message reminders are only available on Outlook for Windows.

The new option can be configured under Outlook > Preferences > Composition in the latest Office Insider versions of Outlook for Mac (Beta Channel Version 16.62, build 22050200). From there, under Composition dialog, you can set a delay of 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds. Once configured, you will see that you will receive a new prompt at the bottom of the app each time you send an email, with a new to cancel button. Note, however, that this only works with Microsoft 365 and accounts.

Those familiar with Gmail, as well as Outlook for the web, might find this feature welcoming. These platforms have the ability to delay sending messages for a period of time.

“Outlook for Mac has your back. Now you can use the Undo Send command to undo a message before it’s sent, giving you more control and confidence over your communications,” said Priya Ganta, chief senior product manager at Microsoft.

Not sure every Outlook for Mac user will get this unsend feature. Typically, features tested in the Office Insider program take a few months to roll out to non-beta testers. And that only happens when Microsoft deems the features stable enough.

Not all Office Insiders will see the cancellation of the delay right now, either. Microsoft typically rolls out these features gradually to a subset of users over time to make sure everything is working properly. Features may even be removed, according to the company, although this is rare.

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