Microsoft Outlook gets a handy new feature for mobile users in a hurry

Entering long emails on a smartphone can sometimes be extremely difficult, which is why Microsoft is currently working on a new feature for Microsoft Outlook.

According to a new post On the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the software giant plans to update its email client for Android and iOS with text predictions next month to help mobile users be more productive.

As many organizations have now implemented hybrid work policies, more employees will likely soon find themselves coming to the office again. This means that many of them will have a few minutes on the train or subway to deal with a few emails before work.

Text predictions

Microsoft engineers are currently in the process of adding text predictions to Outlook on Android and iOS.

Once this feature rolls out in November, Outlook will be able to suggest words and phrases as users of the company’s email service compose messages. If a user wants to use any of Outlook’s suggestions in a message, they’ll just have to swipe up to accept it.

While text predictions are a useful feature, Microsoft is certainly catching up with Google as the search giant has added Smart Compose which offers similar functionality to Gmail since 2019. Either way, text predictions will likely be a welcome addition to Outlook on Android. and iOS.

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