Microsoft Office Insiders Gets Several New Features With Latest Update

Microsoft has released a new Office Insider preview build for Windows users. New Office Insider build 15227.20000 is rolling out to beta channel subscribers. It comes with several new features for OneNote, Excel, Access, and Office Suite. However, the official changelog does not include any performance improvements.

Microsoft Office Insider’s latest release adds support for the voice dictation feature in OneNote, allowing users to dictate their notes using their voice. The Dictate microphone icon appears in the home tab.

Microsoft Excel is now more optimized for devices with “limited resources”. Excel will perform better on devices with two or fewer cores and eight gigabytes of RAM or less because it now performs calculations on a single thread. You can also change the setting in the Advanced tab.

Another useful change in this update is that Microsoft has sped up the time it takes to enter a formula into a cell by reducing memory usage, making memory allocation calls more efficient, and optimizing the redrawing of the visible range around the cell being edited. The faster AutoFilter function is also an important feature of this update.

Additionally, Microsoft has introduced a new sign-in option in the Office suite to allow guest users to access documents that have been shared with them on their desktop Office apps. The feature was previously available for Office on the web and is now available for desktop apps.

You can read the full official changelog below to learn more about these new features.

Change log

Microsoft releases a new Office update every week for Beta Channel subscribers on Windows, adding new features and changes. Microsoft is also expected to release a new version of Office Insider next week. We’ll let you know if we find anything interesting in the update.

To update Microsoft Office Insider Preview Build to the latest version, open any Office program and go to File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.

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