Microsoft Office for Mac has new cloud storage features


Microsoft Office already works well with any cloud storage service you have installed, as documents can be saved to any folder on your computer. However, there is still room for improvement, and new cloud storage features for Office on Mac are rolling out.

Microsoft Office on Mac has an “Add location” button in the Open screen, which lets you add a OneDrive or SharePoint account to access documents. This way, you don’t need to install the required cloud sync clients on your computer, because Office will download a given file itself and upload the changes to a cloud account.

Microsoft Office Places screen on Mac
Current “Add Location” menu on PowerPoint for Mac

Microsoft has now rolled out an update for Office Insiders testers that replaces “Add Location” in the Open menu with “Connected Accounts.” The core functionality is the same – you can add or remove cloud storage accounts – but the name and interface now more closely matches the mobile Office apps.

Microsoft has also added support for cloud storage boxand the company “continues to add new support for more third-party services.” Dropbox was a supported option on some platforms. Google Drive would certainly come in handy, although most collaborative document sharing on Drive uses Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Connected Accounts screen on Office
The new Connected Accounts panel Microsoft

Connected accounts are available in Office Current Channel Preview version 16.64 (22082100) or later. Once all bugs are ironed out, it should roll out to everyone with Office on Mac. It’s unclear when or if Office for Windows will receive a similar redesign.

Source: Microsoft

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