Microsoft Job Listing indicates better support for Windows 11 Android


Microsoft has made progress with Windows 11 to integrate the platform more tightly with Android. However, while Your Phone (recently rebranded as Phone Link) and Android app support in the Microsoft Store. What Windows 11 doesn’t do is provide a way to truly access Android. A new job posting from Microsoft suggests that may be about to change thanks to “Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences (AMPX).

This new Microsoft division first fell on the radar earlier this month. According to Latest version of Windows, the Microsoft Android platform and experiences are beginning to take shape. As we’ve heard before, Microsoft AMPX will improve the way Android integrates with Windows 11.

In addition, the division will focus on the ongoing development of a link between Windows 11 and Android. This will include products linked to this link, including Phone Link, Surface Duo smartphone operating system, Microsoft Launcher, SwiftKey, etc.



Signaling how serious Microsoft is about this division, the company is now looking for talent to fill positions on the Microsoft AMPX team. There are two trades (1, 2) available at the moment, both for senior software engineers:

“In this role, you will work with your peers to develop a quality system to assess and improve the quality of our features and products. Specifically:

  • Influencing product definition and development based on quality and risk factors.
  • Define and track feature and product success metrics.
  • Build the automation and tools needed to assess quality and investigate failures.
  • Assess feature and product readiness through the use of customer and engineering data.
  • Work with other engineers to collaborate on tools and processes to improve efficiency and reduce risk. »

It’s unclear if one of Microsoft AMPX’s goals is to create a way to run Android on Windows, but it’s unlikely.

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