Microsoft is bringing new photo editing features to OneDrive on the web

While OneDrive is Microsoft’s solution designed for cloud storage, its all-in-one nature also means that users prefer more capacity when dealing with their files. Microsoft says the ability to edit photos directly in OneDrive without depending on another app was one of its most requested features, and today, new features are deployed on the service on the Web.

While the feature set for photo editing seems to be pretty basic at the moment, it’s better than nothing and will definitely be welcome by ardent users of the service. Three features are available: Crop, Adjust and Filter.

As the name suggests, Crop lets you either manually crop your photos or select them from a set of predetermined proportions. You can also rotate your images. The adjustment allows you to change the light and color of your photos using sliders for exposure, contrast, saturation, hue, and more. Crop and Adjustment began rolling out in June.

Finally, Filters offers an assortment of good filters, which allow you to add artificial effects to your photos. If you edit a photo, you have the option of overwriting the original or saving it as a new file. You can also access the version history to recover a file in case you accidentally select the wrong option.

Microsoft has noted that the ability to annotate and tag photos will soon be available on OneDrive for the web. It should arrive at the end of December. The company hasn’t explicitly said the latest feature set is being rolled out on a phased basis, so it should be available globally right now.

Update: Text has been updated to reflect Crop and Adjustment started rolling out to OneDrive on the web in June.

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