Microsoft Flight Simulator – Release of Nieuport 17, Tutor T.1, Caproni-Vizzola C-22J and Kuala Lumpur airport; Split announced and Embraer E170 gets developer update

Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn’t know about slow news days, even on weekends. Today, third-party developers have released several add-ons.

We’re actually starting with a development update to Ouroboros, which is working on an impressive Embraer E170. The update was posted on the developer’s Discord server.

Below you can check out screenshots of the simulator and renderings of the exterior and interior of the aircraft. You can also read a developer update.

“Hello everyone! I would love to show off our nearly finished beta cockpit 3D model. The model renovations have gone well with a lot of optimization and textures that still need some love. As the textures start this month- Here, the screens will continue to receive the magic sauce from our screen developer.The decals for the entire cockpit backlight have been put in place and they look exceptional at any angle and focal length.

We would like to demonstrate the jet in a development video, but we haven’t found a good way to configure it yet and are rather busy with the development of the jet itself. Every free time we have is used to improve the jet day by day. Simulation Update 5 presented us with a decent challenge this month, as a few of our package builders refused to all work together.

I’m happy to report that we’ve assembled our liveries team on the E170! Quick Special thanks Ashie, Holland, Noga for their continued support when we need it throughout the screen development process. It means a lot to us! ”

  • SDK
    • Thermal blur added behind the engines
    • New “final” camera positions
    • I cleaned up the SDK folder a bit
    • Flight model adjustments
    • Entire cockpit revisited with new additions to the ceiling
    • Resumption of texture tests
    • Reanimated Main Pedestal Controls
    • Fixed various light input errors
    • Fixed many shading errors
    • Added backlit decals
    • New Observer Console (should work in future updates after release)
    • Removal of old Asobo placeholder models from Airbus systems
    • The Alpha Livery team formed!
    • Livery model test
    • Coming from the house to come! – The exterior needs to be reworked before the liveries go into beta. The main “focus” was the cockpit last month.
    • Addition of MFD device with slider
    • MFD Main page buttons received with highlighted animations
    • MCDU code added with functional radio switch, XPDR / Radio ALT submenu
    • Complete aerial sound collection
    • Main panel sound collection completed
    • Complete pedestal sound collection
    • Airbus NEO Engine sounds outdone (for now)

We then move on to Big Radials, which remains true to its name by releasing the Nieuport 17 cuvée.

It is currently available on the developer’s own store for $ 25.00. You can check out an official list of features and a gallery of screenshots below.

  • Highly detailed 3D model and textures
  • Historical liveries
  • Precise sounds recorded from a Le Rhône rotary engine
  • Accurate flight model making it agile and usable on many small airstrips
  • Animated pilot scarf and banner
  • Interactive clipboard
  • Speedometer in knots or km / h
  • Hidden radio station for IVAO or VATSIM users
  • Machine guns in working order!
  • Comes with 1 mission and 2 landing challenges
  • Rob, our consultant built and owns a real one 🙂

We then move on to something completely different with Iris Simulations, which has released their Grob 115E / Tutor T1 light trainer.

It is available on Iris’s own store for $ 19.99. Take a look below.

On the opposite end of the aviation spectrum is the Caproni-Vizzola C-22J Ventura, a light aerobatic jet that certainly shows its Italian heritage.

Posted by Mario Noriega Designs, it enjoys tuning support from the real aircraft designer himself. You can buy it on SimMarket for around $ 11 plus applicable VAT and see what it is below.

Moving on to the airports, we get the exit of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (VMKK) in Malaysia by The Secret Studio.

It is currently available on SimMarket for approximately $ 23 plus applicable VAT.

Although this is the studio’s first paid version, it has been active in the freeware scene for quite some time. A free version with less detail is also available, if you want some sort of demo.

You can also enjoy a trailer below.

Orbx announcement the picturesque Split Airport (LDSP) in Croatia. Apparently, this one should be out very soon.

The airport is very popular during the summer months and handles a ton of seasonal airliner traffic, making it the second busiest in the country.

Here is what it will offer and what it will look like.

  • 62.5 km² of 30 cm seasonal photorealism
  • High resolution PBR textures
  • Detailed terminal with interior modeling
  • POI in the vicinity
  • By the Havant Studio team

Last but not least, AUScene announced that Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (YBNA) in Australia will be released tomorrow, and today you can see a trailer showing some pretty impressive level of detail.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X | S.

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