Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A330 Gets New Screenshots; Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Beijing announced; Yanji freed

Third-party developers have had new revelations about Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons to share in addition to a new release.

We start with Aerosoft, which has released many new screenshots of the external model and cockpit of its upcoming Airbus A330.

It’s worth repeating a caveat about project manager Mathijs Kok’s cockpit:

“These images show you the basic modeling of the VC. So all 3D is done. the base layers of the textures are done. It still needs a bit of detailing using decals (all sub centimeter scale) and it still needs all the weathering. It is therefore as if it had just been delivered from Toulouse. No pilot has yet eaten Big Macs there and put ketchup on all the switches.

Next comes an announcement from Terrainy Studios, which is developing Brussels South Charleroi Airport (EBCI).

As the second busiest airport in Belgium and a major hub for Ryanair, it’s another great addition for the SIM card. You can check out two images below.

It will be released after the previously announced Zakynthos.

We also get a rather obvious match from SamScene3D. Although the developer hasn’t officially named its next city package, it’s very recognizably Beijing, the capital of China.

We stay in China with a release of Catch Star Simulation, Yanji Chaoyangchuan International Airport (ZYYJ).

It is available on SimMarket for $9.97 plus applicable VAT.

Below you can check out a trailer.

Finally, Fenix’s excellent Airbus A320 has received a new update further improving the package, while we also get more information about the upcoming development roadmap on the developer’s Discord server.

Detailed patch notes are available on the Aircraft Launcher app.

– More performance improvements (up to 25% with an average of 16% across our testers’ CPU on Quality/Balanced showing the biggest improvement)

– Installer fixes/improvements

– Lots of crash fixes (startup etc.)

– Better panel state behavior (the door spawn will be really cold and dark now)

– Added F/CTL keyboard support, we continue to work on hardware bindings etc.

– Added cockpit texture quality option to reduce VRAM usage (low VRAM maps will see FPS improvements from this)

– General stability and EFB loading improvements, pushback fixes among others

As we begin to address usability issues, we focus on improving products; extending hardware support, saving states, auto-stealing – basically everything we think could be better. Just so everyone is aware of our current roadmap, the current order of priority looks like this:

– Deployment, Stability & Performance. Get as many customers using the Fenix ​​A320 without major errors, crashes or performance issues.

– Clean and tidy. All the little things that came up over time that weren’t a high priority, but should be addressed.

– Improve and develop. To start improving what we have, treating the release as a “base” to add more features, improve existing ones, and generally keep the aircraft state of the art. This will include external engine modeling, autoflight improvements, display improvements and more.

– Develop. Once we have a CFM A320 that lives up to our expectations, we will add a few more things to it. A few sharp bits on the wing tips, and a few more powerful bits under the wing. From there who knows…

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X|S.

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