‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ adds ‘Top Gun: Maverick Edition’ in latest update

“Microsoft Flight Simulator” recently added the “Top Gun: Maverick” expansion just in time for the arrival of the new Tom Cruise movie. Here you will experience what it feels like to train in the US Navy using a super fighter jet.

Top Gun Expansion “Microsoft Flight Simulator”

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“Microsoft Flight Simulator” brings the “Top Gun: Maverick” expansion just in time for the film’s debut.

According to a report by Engadget On Thursday, May 26, Microsoft, in collaboration with Asobo Studio, launched new content related to the 2022 military action drama film.

This expansion will let you peek inside the movie, thanks to the F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter jet. Other than that, you’ll learn a lot of things you haven’t tried before, including navigating difficult-to-control terrain and landing on an aircraft carrier.

Another thing worth doing is maneuvering the iconic hypersonic Darkstar aircraft. It is so powerful that it can soar above 150,000 feet.

For comparison, the SR-71 Blackbird could not do the same since it could not exceed more than 85,000 feet. If you dream of seeing the whole planet, this could be the solution to your desire.

You will be able to see the planet from the stratosphere. What’s even more interesting is that you can glide at maximum speeds to travel across different continents on Earth.

Delay in game content and movie release

Engadget also mentioned in their report that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected both the game’s expansion and the movie. Originally, “Top Gun: Maverick” was supposed to be released in 2018, but unexpected things happened.

In addition, its premiere has already been postponed several times. Meanwhile, “Microsoft Flight Simulator” has also been hampered by the same issue.

The expansion was supposed to launch last November, but Asobo and the tech titan decided to postpone it for a while.

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‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ adds Malta and Italy

A week ago, “Flight Simulator” received an update with the addition of two new areas on the map. Italy and Malta. According to Polygonplayers now have the ability to search for these nations and zoom in to get a closer look.

At the time, the ninth update was ready for download. As part of this patch, the game developers behind “Microsoft Flight Simulator” introduced more than 20 cities in these countries. These include Milan, Rome and Venice, to name a few.

Along with the update, four “craft” airports have arrived in the game, including Bolanzo Airport and Sondrio Airport in South Tyrol, Palermo Airport in Sicily, and Marina di Campo Airport from the island of Elba.

It should be noted that you can visit many historical land sites at the start of this patch. You never know if you can visit these places located in Malta and Italy.

Previously, “Flight Simulator” welcomed several improvements for its in-game graphics. The developers improved the design for Portugal and Spain at the time.

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