Microsoft Edge’s latest update looks so much like Pinterest

Microsoft is taking Collections in a rather Pinterest-like direction.

A new Microsoft Edge The update promises several new organizational features, an inspiration feed, and the ability to follow creators directly.

In reality, Collections take the lion’s share (opens in a new tab) improvements in the update. For those who don’t know, Collections lets you collect web pages, images, or videos from the Internet and store them in folders. The inspiration feed will show you ideas tangentially related to other websites. For example, you may have saved a series of cooking recipes. The new feed will show you other recipes to inspire you.

Facilitate collection

The announcement notes that the update will be released soon, but it looks like some features are already live.

Along with the inspiration stream, users will be able to directly save images and videos to collections by hovering over them and clicking the add button. It seems that this feature only works on Bing search results. We tried to save YouTube videos, but there was no option.

Bing Visual Search is also expanding in Microsoft Edge to work on other websites. The feature allows users to search via images rather than text. Hovering over an image will bring up a visual search icon. Selecting the icon starts the search. At the moment, the feature only seems to work on certain pages. We discovered the Visual Search icon on images from official Google and Microsoft blogs and even TechRadar. Thus, support is rather sporadic.

And the latest update allows users to follow content creators from some video sharing websites. The list includes YouTube, TikTok and Chinese website Billibilli. A new “Follow” button will appear at the top of the browser that you can click (opens in a new tab). The list of creators you follow will appear next to Collections in a new menu. From there, you’ll get a feed of the creator’s latest videos.

Aside from the few features that worked, the Inspiration feed didn’t appear, nor did the new Follow button. It looks like the updates are happening in chunks. We asked Microsoft if they could tell us when the Collections transformation will be fully launched and for the full list of supported websites. We’ll update this post with his response.

Analysis: Still losing momentum

Although these changes seem to be welcome, the question remains: will this be enough to increase the popularity of Edge? Recent figures from Statcounter show that the browser is losing users. We don’t know why, but Microsoft burying Internet Explorer and forcing people to use the browser probably didn’t help. And with browsers like Firefox strengthens its security by preventing websites from tracking users, people can naturally jump ship.

If you’re thinking of ditching Edge, TechRadar recently updated its list of the best web browsers.

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