Microsoft Edge version 93 introduces many new features

A new version of Microsoft Edge in the form of Version 93.0.961.38 brought new features and non-security updates that can only be found in Microsoft Edge’s stable channel. The new features aren’t a game-changer, but they are welcome nonetheless.

Microsoft Edge version 93 introduces many new features

We will talk about some of the new features Microsoft added to Edge. Some of these have been included in other web browsers before, and we’re glad they’ve finally moved on to the dark side.

Tab groups

Microsoft has now decided to bring tab groups to the fore. This feature allows users to categorize tabs into user-defined groups. When this is done, users will be better able to find, switch, and manage multiple tabs across multiple workflows.

Picture in Picture Video (PiP)

Whenever the user hovers over a supported video with the mouse cursor, they should see a toolbar allowing them to view the same video in a picture-in-picture window. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Microsoft Edge users on macOS. No word on when Windows users will get it.

Hide title bar when using vertical tabs

Activate the Vertical tabs functionality usually means that the title bar would take up much needed space. However, with the release of Microsoft Edge version 93.0.961.38 this is no longer the case. People can now easily hide the title bar. Simply navigate to edge: // parameters / appearance, then look under Customize the toolbar. You should see the option to hide the title bar.

Initial preferences in Microsoft Edge

If you are an IT administrator, this may interest you. You see, Edge now supports a limited number of Core Preferences, now known as Initial preferences. Administrators now have the option of deploying these settings to their default users before opening the browser for the first time.

New policy to stop implicit connection

IT administrators who want to block implicit login behavior can now do so with this version of Edge.

If you haven’t updated yet, please do so.

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