Microsoft Edge Stable gets a new safe browsing mode

If you’re using the stable version of Microsoft Edge, it’s time to check for updates. Now until version, the latest version of Edge Stable is enriched with new features, including a navigation mode in Microsoft Edge where security is a priority.

The new security features aim to help protect against exploits known as 0-days. These features, however, are hidden behind some group policies. One for security mode, another for Bypassing list domains, and a final for Application of list domains. You can visit the links to learn more about how to enable it.

In addition to security features, Edge version adds the ability to customize multi-profile experiences. You will now be able to create a custom list of sites for automatic profile switching in Microsoft Edge. Under the hood, meanwhile, Microsoft has added three-digit version numbers to the user-agent string, deprecated WebRTC’s Plan B SDP semantics, and updated scrollbars with an overlay-based design. . This functionality will be in edge://flags.

As always, this release also brings a ton of policy updates. These cover the address bar, auto-launch, sync types, and more. We invite you to read Microsoft’s changelogs for full technical details thereof. Happy downloading, Edge users!

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