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Microsoft is proving to the world that it’s committed to Android apps after recently announcement a system update designed to allow Android apps to run for Windows 11.

The news broke on Friday when the tech giant boldly unveiled the decision to update its Android version which was currently seen on desktops around the world. This particular version was designed to make many enterprise applications feel right at home while running on any user’s PC.

For now, the company says the new update will only be there as a test for Windows Insiders. However, we don’t see this as a bad thing and would like to explain it in detail a bit later.

If you ask our opinion, we think it’s definitely a headliner because updates like these are a new addition to Android versions that struggle to run different apps on the computer.

Previously we were working with Android 11 but now the update is Android 12.1. but what does that mean exactly? Well, for starters, your computer won’t have a newer Android version than your own cell phone. And to be honest, we like the way it sounds.

At the same time, we see the new update bring big advances to how different apps relate to each other on Windows.

Now you will see pop-up notifications appearing more frequently than before from Windows. Likewise, users will be notified via their taskbar when a particular app is accessing a specific area or even the microphone.

The company also outlines which apps would behave better each time you wake up your computer after a short or long standby period. Hence, the days of having to wait for them to restart are over, as now you can simply resume from the point where you left off.

On top of that, we have more news from Microsoft on how it plans to change Windows 11 settings. To be more specific, we’re talking about the handling of the subsystem aspects of things. Therefore, users will find a much faster, cleaner and easier experience when using.

The tech giant recently talked about a number of additional improvements such as improving how a PC’s camera is used as well as how Play Store apps access the system camera. This, combined with improved networking, means it will be much easier to set up your home device via the Android apps running on the PC.

We won’t lie, because all of these really do sound like major upgrades. However, we personally would not advise users to continue using the new features yourself.

And that’s because, to begin with, it’s only present on the Windows dev channel. As a result, you might end up getting bugs and computer crashes at a rate you certainly didn’t expect, as this release from Microsoft has already had its fair share of complaints.

The company itself has mentioned how users might face lots of failed app launches after receiving the new upgrade. But if you ask us, we’re not too surprised. After all, the new rollout of Android to smartphones has also had its fair share of disasters recently.

Now, while the company is working hard to tackle these major issues at the earliest date, we hope things will be sorted out before they reach customers.

Yes, it’s too early to pass judgment on the success of the new venture, but we’re glad to see Microsoft’s steadfast support for Android over Windows.

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