Microsoft and EY partner to create $ 15 billion growth opportunity

Last year, Microsoft partnered with EY to create an end-to-end COVID vaccine delivery solution. The UK-based company has collaborated with Microsoft on other fronts as well, such as using intelligent automation leveraging Microsoft’s AI.

Today, Microsoft announced that he will be expanding his collaboration with EY, with the goal of creating $ 15 billion in growth opportunities for their clients over a five-year period.

Judson Althoff, EVP and CCO at Microsoft, commented on the decision, noting:

Today’s announcement is the next step in our long-standing relationship with EY. This means that we will be able to provide greater overall technical expertise for our clients’ cloud strategies through new solutions and platforms. Additionally, our collaboration will enable customers in regulated industries to bring the power of the cloud to their back office operations, fundamentally changing the way they leverage data to manage critical business functions.

Along with the introduction of new solutions and platforms, the Redmond giant will train more than 150,000 EY employees in Microsoft technologies. EY, meanwhile, will provide its clients with more than 40,000 experienced EY technology consulting professionals, leveraging an expansion of operations process for the EY Microsoft Services group.

Managed services focused on technological innovation will also be at the heart of this expansion. EY teams who already use both the Power Platform and Azure will focus on leveraging even more, to accelerate the development of key solutions such as EY Tax and Finance Operate and EY Pathway. Finally, EY Trusted Data Fabric – an innovative business offering that automates data processing and access via AI – is also being developed jointly by the two companies.

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