Macbrook Gas saves customers hundreds on energy bills

08:00 5 March 2022

With energy prices soaring and people becoming more aware of climate change, many are looking for ways to heat their homes in the most cost effective and energy efficient way possible.

This is certainly the case for Mel Stevens, 49, who moved into his bungalow in Attleborough in November 2020. “When I bought the bungalow it didn’t have very good heating – I only had two storage heaters,” says Mel. “I’m disabled, so being cold isn’t very pleasant.”

On top of that, Mel paid monthly electricity bills of over £300 to run the storage heaters, as well as the other electrical appliances in her home.

In April, when Ofgem removes its cap on utility prices, that price could almost double. “You’re looking at maybe £500 for a month,” he says. “I don’t really think they should be allowed to do that, but that’s exactly what could happen when they lift the cap – so it’s important for me, and other people, to think about best ways to heat their home.”

Mel is now having her house re-insulated for free thanks to Macbrook Gas, an Attleborough-based company and registered installer under the government’s Free Boiler Scheme (ECO3). Mel saw a poster about the program in the window of the company’s Attleborough office, which she opened in January 2021.

“I thought the program sounded good because you don’t have to pay anything,” says Mel. “And that’s the best price of all, isn’t it?”

Macbrook Gas is a specialist installer of Class A boilers, the most energy efficient on the market. It also installs underfloor heating, cavity wall and attic insulation, all covered by the ECO3 scheme.

Macbrook Gas specializes in boiler replacement and home insulation
– Credit: Macbrook Gas

The first step for Mel’s property was a renovation assessment by Macbrook engineers – to plan what upgrades could be made, at no cost, to the home’s heating system. “They came in, measured the rooms, and said they’ll have to put vents in the windows, and they’ll have to put insulation in the roof and the walls,” Mel explains.

Once Mel confirmed he was happy with the plans, Macbrook got to work installing window vents, loft and cavity wall insulation, followed by radiators and a new A-rated boiler. All of this will allow Mel to keep warm in her own home – with less worry about her cost of living.

“I think a lot of people are probably losing a lot of heat through their roofs and walls without realizing it – or just accepting that’s how their homes are,” says Mel. “My energy costs were down even before Macbrook installed my boiler or radiators. I immediately felt the benefit. »

A man installing cavity wall insulation

Macbrook Gas installed cavity wall insulation in Mel’s house, as well as window vents, loft insulation and a new A rated boiler
– Credit: Macbrook Gas

Having partial vision, Mel found Macbrook Gas’ presence on the high streets particularly helpful. “As I don’t have very good eyesight, the Internet isn’t very useful to me,” he says. “I prefer to walk into a store and talk to someone, so I really liked the fact that Macbrook had a presence on the high street.

“I would definitely recommend Macbrook Gas,” he adds. “The staff are very friendly, they saved me higher energy bills and made my bungalow more economical for the future.

To find out if you qualify for the government’s ECO3 scheme, or to arrange a boiler and insulation fitting, contact Macbrook Gas at [email protected] or 01953 888 222. You can also visit the team at their energy advice center on High Street, Attleborough. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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