Looking to give my 2007 Alto a makeover, I need some mod suggestions

The plan is to ride it as much as possible and then keep it as a souvenir and buy a new one within the next 5 years.

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I hope that you all are ok.

Until now, for me, a car was only a means of transport from one point to another. My car has covered about 35,000 km in 15 years is a good example. I have a metallic black Alto Lxi bought as a gift in 2007. The only changes to the car were oils, coolant, battery and front shocks. Occasional liners and maybe rodent bite repairs. The stepney is still new. I haven’t even had ONE flat tire in 15 years! I only changed the tires after 11 years and that no longer out of necessity but out of impulse. This is the situation.

The car now obviously needs a makeover and inspired by many of you I am thinking of making some changes to the car. The plan is to drive as much as possible, then keep it as a souvenir and buy a new one within the next 5 years.

Going through the threads, I managed to make a list of edits that add to my own. I need your help to add or remove them and especially direct me to someone who is best placed to do all this in PUNE. Right now I’m in Saswad, a town 40 km away, and I need this car ready for Christmas.

My requirements

  • Same paint – Black metallic
  • Ceramic coating
  • Electric windows
  • Good strong lights
  • Thinking of changing the seats or just changing the upholstery?
  • Hub caps
  • AC vents vibrate or simply sag. Can they be changed?
  • Other cosmetic changes like door trim, windshield wipers, dashcams, etc.
  • Good windscreen where the light from oncoming vehicles does not “break” and create a blinding effect for me – the only driver so far.
  • And other parts to change.

From forum

  • Internally adjustable ORVM (OEM/MGP)
  • Day/night mirror (OEM/MGP)
  • Boot opener (OEM/MGP)
  • Rear door cab light switch (OEM/MGP)
  • Clear side turn signal lens (OEM/MGP)
  • Philips T10 x4 LEDs (front + rear)
  • Sylvania T10 x2 Amber LED (side)
  • Philips 100/90W H4 headlights + wiring
  • Internal TPMS (Honda)
  • Alloy wheels x5 (NEO)
  • Celerio Foggers (OEM/MGP)
  • Custom Art Leather Seats with Blue Stitching + Leather Adjustable Front Armrest (Welded) + Leather Door Cushions + Leather Steering Wheel Cover
  • A few other things like audio upgrade, dash cam, noodle mats, etc.
  • Install the cabin filter
  • And there was some discussion about FFE and cone filters

Please don’t judge me if I say, I don’t even know what some of them mean!

Hoping to hear from this wonderful community. Until then, you are all well and stay blessed.

Here is what GTO had to say about it:

Your car is 15 years old, so I advise you not to spend too much money on it. I see from your profile that you are an education professional. Over time, you’ll make more money and upgrade to better cars, whether bigger Marutis or something else. Your Alto will now feel old and outdated and will become even more so over time.

Since you intend to keep the car for 5 years, just spend a little money on its maintenance, which improves its handling. In terms of accessories, only priority items. For example, if you like music, get some nicer speakers and a small amplifier (you can also carry this ICE gear in your next car).

Your list in the opening post is too long and too expensive for a 15 year old economy car. Instead, save that money and use it for a side upgrade to a newer, higher car. Invest it and do a side upgrade in a few years.

Here is what BHPian shancz had to say about it:

No punctures in 15 years/35,000 kms? Spectacular.

Your requirements and list are good, I will add some suggestions on the points I can.

  • If the seats haven’t sagged much, a good seat cover should suffice. There are some very good ones from dedicated manufacturers like Elegance, etc. and MGA should also have well-fitting ones, but perhaps not very plush.
  • They should be editable, you can check out the OEM catalog on Boodmo or this great thread maintained by Leoshashi.
  • For the windshield, check it after the Ceramic treatment. A friend wanted to change his windshield for the same reason but after a ceramic treatment he found it much better and abandoned his plan to change it.

Just to be clear, the ceramic coating itself has nothing to do with it since it is applied over metal. What helped was the “window cleaning” that was part of prepping the car before the ceramic coating was done. There were lots of watermarks and the usual scratches. The watermarks are gone while the small scratches need to be checked but they don’t seem to be there. Deeper scratches/pitting (from small stones) are there and to be fair seem more prominent, which could be because the other items have been removed making them more visible.

But even if you want to change, the Alto’s windshield shouldn’t be that expensive.

Here is what BHPian Ishaan Ian had to say about it:

First of all, congratulations on owning an Alto in perfect condition.

Now let’s come to the mods

Alloys – get alloys, but only those sold for the Alto, so be sure to check the offset and not just the PCD. Don’t buy multi-pcd hardware, you can also check the OEM catalog for alloy wheel part numbers and buy those from Boodmo.

Audio – Keep it simple, get 4″ speakers that fit the stock location on the dash, can pair them with separately purchased tweeters, and use the best mounted 6×9 coaxials in the Dicky door facing the cabin with plenty of damping in the Dicky door. . That way the only damping you’ll have to do is in the trunk door and that’s it. Power them with a class A/B amplifier and pair them with a subwoofer of your choice.

Lighting – Just opt ​​for spotlights in the fog lights, they are cheap, efficient and will retain the look of the original headlight as they may fade if you add higher wattage bulbs. And change your windshield.

Power windows – You might have to get a different ECU for this if you want the stock ones with new door pads, so not sure if it’s worth it. Also, I recently restored my 2004 WagonR lxi myself and was wondering if I should add power windows, but chose not to because I didn’t want to rely on aftermarket power windows. and I also decided that, since hand-wound windows are quite rare, I would keep mine stock for nostalgia’s sake.

Seats – Repair them, no need to replace them as they have only been installed for 35,000 km. Go for real leather and avoid artificial materials as they will just make you sweat during the summers.

Paint – Stick to the best things from Glasurit on the aftermarket as far as I can tell.

Finally, make sure everything is done in the right place because your car is in good shape and in perfect condition, so it would be a shame if an installer messed up the wires or put something back in the wrong way and ended up breaking things. It doesn’t matter if it is also out of station, but go for the best. Places like Bangalore, Delhi and Bombay would have the best options.

Here is what BHPian Kosfactor had to say about it:

I imagine a lowered Alto, white steel wheels. Still, everything can be put back in stock, obviously they make no difference.

Alternative – You can do something more exciting than an Alto. Swap that Alto for a K10 or Jelly bean Zen – now lower it, add white steel wheels, that’s it. With the Zen, you now have a classic car that can be driven every day.

Check out BHPian’s comments for more ideas and information.

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