LogonBox SSPR 2.3.18 – Security Boulevard


LogonBox is pleased to announce the immediate availability of LogonBox SSPR 2.3.18.
This release includes Secure Node enhancements and support for the following AD credentials for child domains.

Secure Node enhancements

A memory leak in Secure Node, caused by failure to close all open connections, has been fixed. Secure Node now properly closes all connections once they are no longer needed.

The Secure Node client installer executable now performs an uninstall of the previous version before upgrading, providing a better upgrade experience.

AD sponsorships

If you enable the Track Referrals option in Configure User Database->Advanced, LogonBox will now track all referrals referenced by AD.
This setting allows you to sync users from any child domain.

NOTE: You must connect to a global catalog server for this to work, and you must set the global catalog port to 3269 in the hostname field (i.e. adserverhost:3269)

Upgrade Instructions

You can upgrade directly from the web UI or from the operating system.

To upgrade from the web UI, log in with your administrator account, navigate to Server Status from the main dashboard, and click Update. You may also be automatically prompted on login if you have enabled Updates, Features and Licenses->Update Prompt.

To upgrade from the operating system:

On Windows – download the new installer, run it and follow the prompts.

On a LogonBox VM – from a shell, type:

apt update
apt upgrade

If you are still using a version earlier than 2.3, you will need to perform a few additional steps from within the operating system, as detailed here:


Our support team will be upgrading Cloud customers over the next week.


Here is a summary of the changes made in this version.


  • AD syncs now follow referrals if you append the global catalog port to the hostname (i.e. adhostname:3269)
  • Secure Node clients upgrade more cleanly


  • Fixed a memory leak with Secure Node connections

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