Jump Force, the Shonen Jump crossover fighting game, comes to a halt

Bandai Namco shoots Jump force, the anime crossover fighting game that features characters from Dragon ball, Naruto, A play, JoJo’s bizarre adventure, and other series, in digital stores on February 7, 2022.

In an announcement published on Wednesday, the publisher also warned that online services for Jump force will be closed next year, multiplayer lobbies and other internet dependent features ending August 24, 2022. Bandai Namco said players will be able to use the game’s offline modes after that date.

Jump forceClosing the game affects the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One versions of the game.

Bandai Namco originally released Jump force in February 2019 for PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One, with a Nintendo Switch version arriving in August 2020. Developed by Spike Chunsoft, Jump force brought together characters featured in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine for team fights. The cast of 40 playable fighters (plus 14 more via DLC) was inspired by Bleach, Dragon ball, Fist of the North Star, Hunter × Hunter, JoJo’s bizarre adventure, My hero university, Naruto, A play, Yu Gi Oh !, and beyond.

Jump force received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Polygon’s review criticized the game’s combat system – we called it “boring” – and said it lacked the color, life, and creativity of its manga source material.

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