Interior glass doors – a guide to using doors to add light and style to your home

Interior glass doors are really having a moment; from simple and Critall screens to sliding screens and fully glazed walls, glass doors are not only elegant and sophisticated, but they are also practical.

They serve a clear purpose, with the added benefit that they let in more light while providing a sound barrier. And if you care about privacy, there are films and screens for that. Whether it’s your windows, an interior door or a large glazed extension, it’s important to consider how best to use glazing to make the most of the natural light entering your home. House.

In the meantime, here are some interior glass door ideas to get you started…


1. Adopt a broken plan

Interior Glass Door Ideas

(Image credit: Rimadesio)

Glass interior doors, whether sliding, fixed or even pivoting, offer a stylish alternative to standard interior doors. They allow more light to flow throughout the space and now that they’re available in a wide range of stylish finishes, like metal frames and even corrugated glass, they’ll really up the chic factor in your home. Forget the open plan design, it’s time to adopt a broken plan home.

“Our glass panels are available in the widest range of finishes, encompassing all the different options that Rimadesio offers,” says Guilio Malberti of Italian design brand Rimadesio. Rimadesio is a company specialized in the production of systems for the subdivision of environments and for the architectural definition of interiors. “The wealth of options allows the sliding panels to be configured to fit perfectly with any style of interior decoration.”

Adaptability, personalization, durability. According to Rimadesio, these are the keywords that redefine the quality of life: “open spaces have not disappeared, but adaptability is becoming crucial. For example, an open room can be configured into different spaces with our Velaria and Maxi sliding doors,” adds Guilio Malberti.

2. Make a statement

Interior hinged doors in bronze finish

(Image credit: Porta)

There are so many modern design ideas with glass and interior sliding and pivoting glass doors that are here to make a statement. Not only do they look amazing and help create a contemporary feel, they maximize light, create a sense of calm flow and help save space compared to traditional doors that open into a room. Doors are no longer a purely functional element, they can be moments of art in their own right.

Portapivot’s 5730 design features a solid anodized aluminum frame with a bronze finish, which has been custom fabricated with invisible pivot hinges for a clean aesthetic. The panel can be opened in both directions, making it a very flexible solution for the wide transition between the entrance hall and the kitchen-dining room of this house.

3. Try smooth sliding doors

Interior Glass Door Ideas

(Image credit: Rimadesio)

Sliding interior doors are fantastic space saving solutions and if you can replace an entire wall with chic sliding doors it will make a real contemporary style statement. Fantastic for dividing up a larger room to create an idea of ​​a home office or a separate playroom. And if you’re looking for privacy, there are plenty of different options to give you that. Plus, you’re not limited to black and gray, some companies offer a rainbow of colors and finishes to choose from.

“The panels are always made to measure with a structural aluminum profile of minimal thickness that takes full advantage of the exclusive aesthetic characteristics of Rimadesio glass”, explains Guilio Malberti of Rimadesio. “The system is equipped with innovative patented technical solutions to guarantee the greatest freedom of design, as well as ease of installation and exceptional reliability over time. The versatile design of the Velaria system uses a sliding rail, which allows perfect leveling, guaranteeing perfectly fluid movements, even with large compositions.

‘The Velaria sliding panel can be highly customized according to customer needs: glass options are available in different versions; mesh, transparent, colored transparent, reflective, satin, colored satin, mirror, and in 46 glossy and matt lacquered colors, composed only of water-based paints, which guarantee the total absence of harmful substances”, adds he. “In addition, the aluminum structure is available in brushed aluminum in four finishes and 46 matt lacquered colors.”

4. Choose a pivot door

Aluminum pivot door opening to white space

(Image credit: IQ Glass)

Pivot doors are a fantastic alternative to traditional doors and sliding doors and they are growing in popularity and will make a lasting impression. They tend to be streamlined designs with ultra-thin profiles and a modern frame, which gives them the edge over more conventional options. Often chosen for modern home extensions, pivot systems also offer a remarkable solution for your interiors.

Pivot doors revolve around a mechanism positioned at the top and bottom of the door panel rather than being hinged to an adjacent frame at the side and they can often be custom made to your particular measurements.

When it comes to cleaning all that glass, Guilio Malberti of Rimadesio suggests that “it is recommended not to spray detergents directly on the panel or structure. Dust with a soft cloth, wash with neutral detergents or specific products for glass. Avoid solvent-based, abrasive or powder products.

5. Use internal glass as a room divider

A neutral modern home in South West London filled with sustainable and natural materials

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

Glass doors with a metal (usually aluminum) frame work wonderfully as interior room divider ideas, allowing light to flow freely from room to room. “Interior glass doors allow light to flow more freely between spaces, which can give the illusion of a larger room and create a brighter, airier feel,” says David Turner, sales manager at Leader Doors.

“If privacy is an issue, the glass can be decorative, such as sandblasted, to block visibility without blocking light,” says Shannon Normoyle at IQ Glass. Aluminum can also be powder coated and finished in a RAL color of your choice to infuse your design scheme with additional personality.

6. Consider sustainability

Modern Cambridgeshire home designed by Rebecca Wakefield

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

In 2022, sustainable living is more important than ever and we are all trying to make more eco-friendly choices when it comes to our homes and interiors. Fortunately, many businesses are now on board, so making sustainable decisions is getting easier and easier.

“Many Rimadesio products are manufactured following the principles of safeguarding the environment and its resources, through a production process powered by solar energy, aimed at creating sustainable goods”, explains Guilio Malberti, Rimadesio. “Products like Velaria are made from glass and aluminium, which are 100% recyclable and actively recovered in the production cycle, towards a circular economy that reduces waste to zero.”

“Ecolorsystem* is the exclusive range of lacquers used and purely composed of water-based paints, which guarantee the total absence of substances harmful to humans and the environment”, he adds. “Rimadesio packaging is produced just in time using only recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard. The minimum waste produced by the packaging machine is mechanically compressed and sent to nearby paper mills for the production of high quality recycled paper, with a low environmental impact process.

‘The Velaria sliding system can be completely disassembled at the end of its life. This particularity guarantees the correct recycling of each component, in compliance with international standards for the protection of the environment.’

Is it worth changing the interior doors?

A modern London home with an understated palette and quirky artwork and furnishings

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

If you like the look of a glass door and are thinking of changing your interior doors, it is worth it if you want to create a completely new and modern look in your home. It won’t be cheap if you plan to replace them all and it’s important to remember the privacy of rooms like the bathroom and bedrooms, but there are options for privacy too.

In terms of installation, it is recommended that the installation be carried out by a qualified installer who will check the suitability of the wall on which you wish to install the product. “If the fixing is not carried out correctly by a qualified installer, the product could be damaged”, explains Guilio Malberti of Rimadesio.

Do interior doors need tempered glass?

a modern kitchen with a copper splashback

(Image credit: Taran Wilkhu)

Interior glass doors should be tempered or tempered glass, which maximizes strength and durability. Tempered glass is much less likely to shatter, but if it does, the resulting pebbles of broken glass are much safer than razor-sharp standard glass shards.

“Glass doors are also excellent for providing soundproofing between rooms. The glazing helps to reflect sound back into the room rather than transmitting it to other rooms,” adds David Turner, Leader Doors.

Can a glass door be covered?

steel pivot doors with glass opening in one room

(Image credit: Frits Jurgens)

Glass doors are fantastic for letting in light and helping to create a light and airy environment, but sometimes we need a little privacy, whether it’s a bathroom, a home office or the outside world.

Window film is a simple and inexpensive option that is durable and available in a range of finishes and styles, suitable for most types of glass. Or if you prefer to avoid the mess of applying window film, then drape ideas, even over interior doors, add privacy, texture and color. Plus, you can remove them to show off the clear glass anytime you want.

Glass can often also be sandblasted, to block visibility without blocking light and some products can be clear, reflective, mesh or finished in a color of your choice. So your new interior glass doors can be as clear or as covered as you want.

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