Intel Unison is like Windows 11’s Phone Link, but iPhone can join

Along with the official launch of 13th generation desktop processors, Intel Unison is making its debut. Although exclusive to certain Intel processors, it does what the Windows 11 Phone Link feature does not; It also supports iPhone.

Intel Unison is, in its simplest form, the company’s version of Phone Link. It’s not as advanced as Microsoft’s combination with Samsung, but it covers the main basics. And it’s not exclusive to Android users, which automatically makes it more usable for more people. Especially in light of the canning of Dell Mobile Connect, which also supported the iPhone.

So what exactly can he do?

  • Send and receive SMS.
  • Make and receive voice calls.
  • Receive and manage phone notifications.
  • Transfer files and photos wirelessly between your PC and mobile device.

Unison uses a few different connectivity standards. It can use Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE, as well as local and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connections. Unison is based on Screenovate, the service Intel acquired in late 2021 and will support touch, mouse and keyboard. Intel Unison will begin rolling out this holiday season initially to 12th-generation Evo-certified laptops from vendors including Lenovo, Acer, and HP. It will then expand in early 2023 to 13th Gen Evo machines as availability arrives.

All of this is accompanied by the official reveal of the new unlocked 13th Gen desktop processors, launching on October 20. The new chips offer more cores, more performance and better power efficiency. Unison isn’t Intel’s only new software trick alongside the 13th-gen launch, either. There’s a new version of Intel’s overclocking utility coming, and Intel Thread Detector works in conjunction with Windows 11 to ensure workloads are distributed to the optimal parts of the CPU.

As for Unison, it fills a gap Microsoft doesn’t yet have by including iPhone owners. And that’s great news.

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