Insiders are now testing easier Bluetooth management in Windows 11

Microsoft is rolling out its latest Windows 11 test build to insiders, and the update promises to make Bluetooth devices simpler and easier to access. Windows 11 Build 22563 will display a list of Bluetooth devices right in the Quick Settings menu on the taskbar, with visible battery levels for supported devices. This new Bluetooth list allows users to connect to new devices and disconnect from current devices without having to open the full Bluetooth settings menu. It’s a bit inspired by how Windows 11’s Quick Settings already manages Wi-Fi networks or selects an audio source.

This is the latest update coming to Windows 11 after recently bringing new touch gestures and Start menu folders. Bluetooth has been a bit of a sticking point for Windows, often being a little clunky in its interface, especially if you’re switching between multiple Bluetooth devices. Microsoft has started making big improvements to the usability of Bluetooth in Windows 10, though it’s taken some time to do things like enable faster and easier pairing and add AAC support. This upcoming version of Windows 11 might seem like a small quality-of-life improvement, though it could go a long way toward making Bluetooth connections less of an issue for Windows machines.

Of course, being part of the Windows Insiders testing program doesn’t guarantee that this new feature will roll out immediately – or even at all – though this one sounds like a slam dunk from the “why didn’t they” department. so long ago”.

The new Quick Settings lists Bluetooth devices, with direct access to connect and disconnect.
Picture: Microsoft

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