How to use double click to automatically lock APK on Windows 11


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Check How To Use Double Click To Automatically Lock APK On Windows 11

Windows 11 is here and is delighting many users with its new look. It doesn’t come with a lot of new features, but some of them are awesome. One of the frequently discussed features of Windows 11 is native support for Android apps. Yes, with Windows 11 it is possible to load Android apps natively without a third-party app. But of course there is a catch. Android apps compatible with Windows 11 are only available on the Amazon App Store.

There are two easier ways to load Android apps in Windows 11

WSATools –

WSATools is an application available on the Microsoft Store for downloading Android applications via ADB.


– This is a batch file (EasySideload-WSA) developed by a GitHub developer, Harshal Kudale. Many thanks to him for creating this installer script to easily load Android apps on Windows 11. Using Easy Side load-WSA, you will be able to install APK by double clicking on APK file. Additionally, you can transfer files into the WSA files app by drag and drop.

Downloading Android Apps on Windows 11

WSATools – Windows 11 APK Installer

WSATools is an easy to use APK installer application developed by Simone Franco. Now, thanks to this app, you no longer need to remember an ADB command to load the APK from the site. Because WSATools does it all with one click. Recently, the developer also introduced Explorer integration. This means that you don’t even have to manually open the app to load the APK from the site anymore. You can now right click on the APK file to install it. Although this app is currently in beta, you may encounter some bugs.

  • First, open C Drive and create a new folder named “ADB”. Also keep the Windows for Android subsystem open in the background.
  • Please open the following link to directly open the WSATools Microsoft Store page.
  • Click Get> Install.
  • Once WSATools Ap is installed. Open it and click “Select APK”.
  • It will then show you a message indicating that ADB is missing. Click on Install.
  • After that click on the selection folder.
  • Now locate and select the ADB folder you created in C Drive. And install ADB in this folder.
  • Once BAD. Close and reopen WSATools, then click Select APK. Select the APK you want to install and click Download APK.
  • The APK will now be uploaded to WSATools. Click on Install.
  • Once the app is installed, you will receive a message stating that the app has installed successfully.
  • You can click on the open app to open the downloaded Android app. Or you can use Windows search to open the installed app.

Set WSATools as the default APK installer.

WSATools comes with browser integration. Therefore, you can configure APK files to open with WSATools. After that, you can double click to install the Android apps.

  • Right click on any APK file and then open with> choose another app.
  • Select WSATools and select “Always use this app to open .apk files”.
  • Click on OK.
  • That’s it, now you can just double click on any APK to load it directly into WSATools to install it.

Easy Sideload-WSA Double click APK to download.

  • First, open the following link and download the latest version of EasySideload-WSA (APK Installer) file from the Assets section.
  • Once the Zip file has downloaded, extract it by right clicking on it.
  • Open the extracted EasySideload folder. Right click on the repair batch file, then click “Run as administrator”.
  • Now a blue window will appear. Click More Info> Run Anyway. That’s it, the batch file will run and close automatically in a second.
  • Now copy all the files that exist to the EasySideload folder.
  • Go to the following directory and paste all the copied files from the EasySideload folder into it.
  • C: adb platform tools
  • Click Replace files on destination.
  • That’s it, we will now download the APK using the install script. So, right click on the APK file you want to download and then click on Open With.
  • First, check “Always use this app to open .apk files” and then click on more apps.
  • Now scroll down and click on “Find another app on this PC”.
  • And an open window will appear. Select the installer batch file in C: adb platform-tools and click Open.
  • That’s it, the CMD window will now open. And adb will connect and the app will install automatically.
  • It is a unique process. This means that you can now double click on APK to download. Or you can right click APK and then click Open.
  • That’s it, from now on you no longer need to run any commands to download Android apps (APKs) on Windows 11 PC.

Final Words: How To Use Double Click To Automatically Lock APK On Windows 11

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