How to Run Android/iPhone Apps on Your PC 2022 Tip

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Check How to Run Android/iPhone Apps on Your PC

Most people already know that there are two well-known mobile operating systems: Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. There used to be many more, but today almost every major mobile device uses one or the other. Have you ever wished you could run an Android or iOS app or game on your PC so you didn’t have to rely on a tiny phone screen?

Maybe you need to test a feature on Android, but you don’t have an Android or iOS device handy. Your options depend on the mobile device you have or the version of Windows you’re using, but here are some ways to run Android and iOS apps on your computer.

How to Run Android Apps on Windows


  • Download the installer from the official Blue Stacks website.
  • Launch the installer application and choose where to store the application and data files. Unfortunately, you cannot modify the Bluestacks directory; it will be installed on your default startup drive.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed, launch it and enter your Google and/or Samsung account credentials. You’ll need this information to sign in to the Google Play Store and Galaxy Store and access your Android app library.

Run IOS apps on PC


iPadian is a free iOS simulator that features high processing speed and smooth operation. The simulator also has a fairly high average rating and a good reputation in the community. If you choose iPadian, you will get a fairly simple and easy-to-use simulator that comes with basic apps. Facebook, YouTube, Angry Birds notification widget and web browser are included in the package.

The simulator desktop looks like a mix of iOS and Windows. With iPadian, you can only install and use apps from the Play Store, so no native iOS apps are running. To return to Windows, click the Windows icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

iPhone AIR

AIR iPhone Emulator is known for its simplicity and ease of use. It is designed for those who want to create a virtual iPhone on their PC. You can run iOS apps on your PC smoothly without any hassle. Although it is very good, it lacks some features of a real iPhone.

You can also use this powerful emulator to build and test cross-platform apps for Windows and iOS. This emulator is based on Adobe’s AIR platform, so you need to install it before installing AIR iPhone.

Final Words: How to Run Android/iPhone Apps on Your PC

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