How to Remove All Cryptocurrency Options from Brave Browser

Brave is a great web browser, but that has more to do with its privacy features than its ability to display pages properly, which it does to great effect since it’s based on the Chromium engine.

Now there is something else unique to Brave, it has a lot to do with cryptocurrency. Not everyone wants to use their web browser to mine cryptocurrency, so the question is, how can we remove this feature from the web browser for ordinary people? Don’t worry, we have an idea how to do the job. It won’t be completely removed, but you won’t have to deal with the encryption feature all the time.

How to Remove All Cryptocurrency Options from Brave Browser

The ability to remove Brave’s encryption features is possible, but the company hasn’t put it in one place to make things easier, so it will take longer than some might want.

The steps required to remove all cryptocurrency options from the Brave browser are:

  1. Open the Brave Browser
  2. Go to the Settings area
  3. Go to the Brave Rewards page
  4. Disable all reward related settings

1]Open the Brave Browser

Before you can begin, you must first open the Brave web browser. To do this, find the icon on the desktop, Taskbaror inside the The start menu.

2]Go to the Settings area

One of the first things to do after launching Brave is to go to Settings. You can do this easily by entering the following in the address bar:


Doing this should load the Settings page right away. You can also click the hamburger button at the top right of the browser, then click Settings from the drop-down menu.

3]Go to the Brave Rewards page

In the left panel, search for the words, Courageous Rewards. Once you encounter it, go ahead and click on it to reveal a new area.

4]Disable all reward related settings

You are free to disable any options highlighted in the image. So it’s all under Courageous Private Adsand Automatic contribution.

Once done, you will no longer see BAT-related ads or advice buttons on the websites you visit.

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Remove the Brave Rewards button located on the address bar

If you look in the address bar, you will see the Brave Rewards button. It’s probably not necessary, so how can we remove it? We’ll take a look.

  1. Return to the Settings page
  2. Choose appearance
  3. Disable the Brave Rewards button

1]Return to the Settings page

Follow the steps above to return to the Settings page in Brave web browser.

2]Choose the appearance

From the left pane located under the To start button, please click Appearance then look to the right for additional options.

3]Disable the Brave Rewards button

OK, so to disable the Brave Rewards button, please search Show Brave Rewards in address barthen click the toggle button next to it to turn it off.

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Remove Crypto Wallet from the Brave Toolbar

Take a look at the Brave toolbar and you will see the Crypto wallet icon. You might want to delete that because you won’t have any use for it.

  1. Again, go back to settings
  2. Click on the Wallet button via the left pane
  3. Hide the Brave Wallet icon from the toolbar

1]Again, go back to settings

Much of what we want to remove is in the Settings browser page, therefore, you need to follow the above steps to get there. Simple, easy and precise.

2]Click on the Wallet button via the left pane

In the left pane, you should see Wallet bottom right bottom Extensions and above IPFS. You can’t miss it even if you tried.

3]Hide the Brave Wallet icon from the toolbar

After selecting Wallet, you can now disable Wallet by searching for the View Brave Wallet in the toolbar, then click the toggle button to its right to hide the button.

Is the Brave browser better than Chrome?

This is a difficult question to answer. If you’re more interested in rendering performance, we found Brave and Chrome to be relatively similar. In some cases, Brave is faster, but nothing noticeable for regular web users.

When it comes to overall features, we have to give Brave points, but that’s subjective because a lot of the features Brave brings to the table are junk.

How to Earn Crypto in Brave Web Browser?

  1. Earn BAT cryptocurrency by watching ads and browsing the web.
  2. If you’ve never used Brave before, you can earn $5 BAT just by downloading and installing the web browser. You will need to use the browser for 30 days, and from then on your $5 of BAT should appear in your wallet.
  3. Another way to earn BAT is to become a content creator. As a blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, etc., users can send you BAT currency directly to your website if they like your content.
  4. The final way people can earn a pocketful of BAT is by recommending new people to download and use Brave. From what we gathered, you can earn $1 to $7.5 in BAT for every user who uses Brave while earning.

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