How to Instantly Insert Text Snippets Anywhere in Windows with Beeftext

Tired of having to type the same text over and over? You need a text snippet! Text snippets, common in code writing tools, make it quicker and easier to insert repeated content.

The wonderfully named Beeftext is a smart tool that lets you insert text snippets almost anywhere in Windows. Here’s how to use snippets to improve productivity and reduce repetitive typing.

How to download and install Beeftext

The Beeftext application is free, open source and very light. It can be installed on your computer or run as a portable application. Either way, you’ll hardly know it’s there until you need to use it.

To install the application, download the installer file and double-click it. Follow the simple installation instructions. If you’re using the portable app, just download the file and double-click it to get started. You can even add it to your toolbox as one of the many free portable apps for students so you always have it with you.

How to create snippet combos in Beeftext

Combos are the key to what makes this a great snippet tool. In Beeftext, a Combo is a short combination of characters linked to a snippet. The character combination should be something you wouldn’t normally type.

  1. To create your first combo, open Beeftext and click on Combo > New.
  2. Give the combo a descriptive name that refers to the code snippet, for example, “Personal email signature.”
  3. Now choose the keyword. This is the combination of characters you type to insert the code snippet.
  4. Enter the content of the excerpt in the corresponding box. You can also add a description of the snippet if you want.
  5. To ensure that the combo is recognized correctly, set the Corresponding to drop-down list to strictand Case sensitivity at Case sensitive.
  6. Click on Ok to finish creating your first combo.

The combo will be added to the default group. You can create new groups to organize your combos. Click Groups > Newgive your group a name and description, then click Ok. When creating combos, you can then choose which group they are stored in.

How to Insert Code Snippets in Windows

When you close the Beeftext application window, the software will continue to run in the background. If you installed the app, rather than using it portable, it is added to your startup apps.

All you have to do to insert the text into your snippet is type in the keyword. Make sure the cursor is where you want to add the text.

In Gmail, for example, type your message, then type your personal signature keyword. The keyword will be instantly replaced with the signature you created in the combo.

As you add more and more snippets, it can be difficult to remember the keyword for each one. Luckily, the app has a built-in combo picker. When enabled, the Combo Selector displays all of your combos in a floating window. You can then simply choose the snippet you want to insert.

The default shortcut to open the picker is CTRL + Shift + Alt + Enter. You can change the shortcut in the Beeftext app preferences. You can also disable the combo selector if you don’t need it.

Where can you use text snippets

You can use the app to insert snippets almost anywhere you can type text. We tested it successfully in Microsoft Office, Gmail, Microsoft Mail, Thunderbird, Slack, WPS Office, Notepad, Atom, CodeWriter, Chrome and Edge. And considering there are so many reasons to use Microsoft Edge on Windows 11, it’s a good thing Beeftext works well with it.

As long as the character combination you chose isn’t a command in the app you’re using, you should be able to use Beeftext to insert snippets anywhere.

Use text snippets in Windows

Being able to insert a large chunk of text anywhere in Windows without having to type it every time is a real productivity hack. It doesn’t matter if you want to add alternate signatures, repeated lines of code, or even a favorite text emoji, you can do it with snippets.

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