How to Add More Buttons to Your Tile Bars in Windows 10 and 11

Want more window buttons other than the default minimize, restore, and close buttons? Luckily, eXtra Buttons is here to save the day.

Control buttons

All window title bars in Windows 10 and 11 include three control buttons by default. These buttons allow you to minimize, maximize (restore), and close windows. Windows 11’s new Snap Layout feature for restore down The button provides additional control options. Still, three control buttons for Windows are not that many.

Would you like to add more control buttons to window title bars in Windows 10 and 11? If so, you can do just that with eXtra Buttons and Chameleon Windows Manager Lite. You can add new buttons to windows with these third-party software packages available for free as shown below.

The eXtra Buttons software is a free package that you can use on all Windows platforms since ’95. It lets you add up to 13 new buttons to window title bars. You can download and install eXtra Buttons as follows.

  1. Open the eXtra Buttons website in your browser.
  2. Click it Download now button for the software there.
  3. Then press the File Explorer taskbar button (or press the button Windows shortcut key + E).
  4. Open the folder where you download eXtra Buttons.
  5. Double-click on eXtraButtons to open the corresponding configuration wizard.
  6. press the Following button and select I agree.
    The eXtra Buttons configuration window
  7. To select Browse to choose an installation path. Or you can stick with the default path.
  8. Click it To install button.
  9. Then click on xb in your eXtra Buttons installation folder to run the software.


The additional buttons window

When you first start eXtra Buttons, three new buttons are automatically added to window title bars, as shown in the snapshot below. It adds new Always on top, Collapse in tray, and Bookmarks buttons to title bars. the Always on top The button alone is very useful because it keeps the active window always on top of all others when clicked.

By clicking Collapse in tray minimizes the system tray window. You can click on the Bookmarks to save the current window to a list of bookmarks (favorites) from which to reopen it.

eXtra Buttons title bar buttons

However, you can still add 10 more useful buttons to windows with eXtra Buttons. Click the eXtra Buttons system tray icon to open its window. To select set of buttons on the left side of the window. Then you can select more from the Available Buttons area. Click on To add to add the selected button. Or click Add all to include the 10 on Windows title bars, and press the Apply button.

Here are the other 10 window buttons you can choose to add:

  • send to bottom: A button that sends an active window behind all other open ones.
  • Copy Window: Click this button to open a copy of the currently active window.
  • Send to Tray Menu: This button minimizes windows to a single system tray icon from which you can choose to reopen
  • send to box: When you click this button, the window is reduced to an icon on the right side of the desktop. You can click the temporary desktop icon to reopen it.
    The minimized window box
  • Click on: Opens the background window that is directly behind the active window. Then you can click on a Restore window button to restore the previously active window.
  • Move to Monitor: This is a handy button for users with dual monitor setups. The button places the active window on another monitor when pressed.
  • Roll up/unroll: A button that expands (or reduces) the window to its title bar. When clicked, only the window title bar remains visible.
    A window reduced to its title bar
  • Full screen: This button is similar to the Maximize one, but clicking it brings up a completely full-screen window without any title bar at the top.
  • Transparency: The Transparency makes the window transparent when clicked.
  • Adjust Transparency: This button is an extension of the Transparency a. You can click it to select other transparency percentage values ​​ranging from 5 to 100%.

Transparency options

Also read: How to make Windows transparent in Windows 10You can also apply keyboard shortcuts to these window buttons. To do this, open the eXtra Buttons window. Select a button to add a keyboard shortcut on the left side of the window. Then click inside the Current shortcut key and press a key (or combination of keys) for the keyboard shortcut. To select Apply to save new keyboard shortcuts.

How to Add New Buttons to Windows with Chameleon Window Manager Lite

Chameleon Windows Manager is an alternative to eXtra Buttons that adds six new button controls to window title bars. It has a free and pro version (currently priced at $29.95). However, the freeware Chameleon Windows Manager Lite is all you need to add new window control buttons. In any case, you will be able to use the pro version for 30 days before automatically switching back to the Lite version. This is how you can add new buttons to windows with this software.

  1. Open the Chameleon Window Manager web page.
  2. Click it Get for free button.
  3. Select the Download the free version option.
  4. Open File Explorer and the folder containing the Chameleon Windows Manager installer.
  5. Double click on cwindow_freeware to open the installation window below.
    The Chameleon Window Manager Setup Wizard
  6. Click it I accept the agreement option.
  7. press the To install button.
  8. Double-click on the Windows Chameleon Manager shortcut that you will see on the desktop.
  9. Click on Choice > Button settings to open the window below.
    The button configuration window
  10. All button checkboxes are checked by default. However, you will still need to select the Add buttons to the title bar option.
  11. Click on Okay to add the buttons.

Chameleon Manager window buttons

The full version adds up to eight buttons, but you’ll only get six when it reinstates the freeware package. You can configure which buttons to add to windows by selecting/deselecting their checkboxes in the Button Settings window. Here are the six buttons you can select in the Lite version:

  • Always on top: A button that always keeps the active window on top of all others when clicked.
  • Position the window to the left of the screen: Clicking this button positions a certain percentage of the window on the left side of the desktop.
  • Position the window to the right of the screen: This button moves a percentage of the window to the right of the Windows desktop.
  • Specify transparency: A button that applies transparency to the window. You can configure window transparency by dragging the slider over the Specify Transparency Bar setting.
  • Reduce to caption: You can click this button to minimize windows to their title bars.
  • Collapse in tray: Click this button to minimize its window to the system tray instead of the taskbar. You can display the window again by clicking the icon in the system tray.

Note that Chameleon Windows Manager’s black title bar buttons do not blend well with the Windows 11 dark theme. Its buttons are not visible at all when the dark theme is selected. So make sure the light theme is selected for Chameleon Windows Manager.

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Take full control of Windows open software

Chameleon Windows Manager and eXtra Buttons transform window title bars. These are two pieces of software that kind of make you wonder why Windows 11 doesn’t include more buttons on its windows. With these programs, you can take full control of your open windows for better multitasking.

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