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The shift to open source is a signal that there are more top-quality, genuine free software more than ever on the web to enhance your PC.

We’ll help you obtain Microsoft Office for free if you meet the requirements.For those who don’t We’ve created an extensive list of the best free alternatives, and several alternatives for desktop computers as well as Macs (and others that are compatible with Linux). If you run out of free trial for the software you can easily get money at Oak Park (for Instant Cash).

How can you make it available?

Free software can be classified into two types Freebies that are promoted and considered to be commercial, and software that is designed to aid users in fighting large software companies.

This has grown significantly since increasing numbers of people are joining open-source projects. The foundational building blocks of a project large chunks of code – are available to all to improve and modify.

Free version of Microsoft Office for students and teachers.

Are you a student at a college working as an educator? Do have your academic email address where you can send external emails?Are you able to receive a couple of reasonable offers for free from Microsoft?

  1. Microsoft Office is free Microsoft Office.
  • What are you expecting? The option to download the full Office software suite that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Teams Access, Publisher, and Word with up to five Macs or computers (the two additional two are PC-only).
  • Who is eligible for the license? Students and faculty at universities, colleges and schools can get licences to Office throughout their institutions with Microsoft’s Microsoft Volume Licensing program. Microsoft states the fact that 99.9 per cent of schools, 87 percent of colleges as well as it is the “large amount” of colleges within the UK are licensed.
  • What should I do? Utilize your email address to login to an account on behalf of academic reasons through the Office website. You’ll be asked for a sign-in into your institution’s online portal. If you’re a candidate for it, you’ll then be directed to a website that will allow users to download the application.
  1. 1TB of online storage for free
  • What can you expect?An amazing 1TB in online storage free with OneDrive (others are currently limited to 5GB of storage for free) and also the ability to use collaborative platforms like Yammer as well as SharePoint.
  • Who is eligible to get an email address?The address is targeted at staff and students who have an academic address, even although the university, college or school does not need to be licensed to make use of Office in the manner described above.
  • How can I get it?Enter your college, university or school’s email address on the Office website.You’ll be asked to log in to your institution’s web portal.Follow the instructions.

Microsoft Office alternatives for free

If you’re unable use Microsoft’s Office suite at no cost, it’s a costly proposition with a one-year subscription per user costs PS59.99/year (or PS48ish on Amazon* as of the time of writing).

You can however install alternatives to numerous of its software for free due to the availability of open source alternatives.


LibreOffice is an open-source project comprising six word processing software. It’s compatible with many Microsoft documents.

The most current version of LibreOffice, 6.3.2, is released today, and looks and feels very identical to the Microsoft counterparts. The programs included in LibreOffice includes:

The writer is an application for word processing. It is akin of Microsoft Word. Calc is an Excel spreadsheet application that’s a clone version of Excel. Impressive: A presentation program. It’s a version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Base A database is the identical to Microsoft Access. Draw: A drawing application that is specifically helpful for flowcharts. Math: A must-have tool to solve problems. Charts: A program to design and embed charts and graphs.

Together, they make an impressive set of programs. It also works with Microsoft’s Docx standard, which a lot of free software does not support.


It’s based on the source code that is the basis of OpenOffice (which can be a great alternative for users using an Mac). Similar to LibreOffice, OxygenOffice includes a range types of clip art designs, clipsart and images.

More than 3,400 photos are included. Also included are over 90 new fonts, as well as an extensive tutorial to help. These additional features may appear to be unnecessary however, they’re definitely worth looking into in case you intend to utilize these features.


iWork is Apple’s own version that runs Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office suite of programs specifically designed to run on Mac PCs as well as iOS devices. It includes Pages (like Word), Numbers (like Excel), and Keynote (like Powerpoint). It is easy to use, iWork programs can access documents created using Office programs and can save iWork documents for work, and reverse.

Many people like the look and appearance and feel iWork applications, particularly since they’re compatible with a variety of Apple devices. If you’re running a more recent Mac, iPhone, or iPad and iPhone, you might find that the applications are preinstalled. If not then you can download the apps for free using the links below or looking on the App Store.

It requires macOS Mojave on your Mac and iOS 12.2 on your iPad or iPhone to use iWork. It’s possible to upgrade your operating system at no cost (though certain older models may not work).

Online office solutions that are free

A different option to download Office software would be to select one of the many online options. With these alternatives you don’t have any installation issues to be concerned about. You can also save your work online, and seamlessly work with others. But, you must be online in order to access these services.

Here’s the top:

Microsoft Office for the web

Microsoft’s stripped-down Office to use online includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as OneNote that run in your browser. Anyone with a no-cost Microsoft account is able to use these applications and 5GB of online storage space on OneDrive that you can save your documents.

If you’re familiar with Microsoft software you should try these however, keep in mind that these are simplified version of Office. In the final analysis, Microsoft doesn’t want to eliminate its business model of offering complete editions of Office.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms

Google’s suite online of tools places more emphasis on collaboration over other tools. It is possible to select a group of people to work with the same spreadsheet, document form, template, or presentation and everyone can view the paper and make any changes instantly.

It includes useful spreadsheet, document and presentation templates can be used to start. It is also possible to set up offline access using Chrome.

It’s also among the most online-focused. If you create the content in one of the Google Docs then you’ll be capable of using the different Google analysis tools in order to keep track of the progress of the document. Google Docs works in conjunction with Google Drive. So, you’ll get fifteenGB storage absolutely nothing.

iWork for iCloud

Anyone can use the web-based edition of Apple’s iWork suite of applications through your browser. This means that Windows users can make use of the Pages, Numbers, and Keynote in the event that they’ve an affinity for Apple’s apps.

The online versions do not offer as many features as the full downloads and will likely be of interest to Mac users who work in collaboration and sharing documents. However, any user of Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer can access them.

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