FlexiSpot E8 / EP4 Electric Standing Desk Review: Adjustable Comfort for Any Writing Position

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After serving me for many years, my old desktop PC had finally died. I started searching the internet for a replacement product when a certain product caught my eye: the FlexiSpot electronic standing desks. FlexiSpot has a favorable reputation for producing desks of exceptional quality that can adjust their height for any working position. So when I got the chance to review one of their desks again, I was curious to see if it met expectations and became one of the best IT desks out there. This is our test of the FlexiSpot E8 / EP4 standing desk.

To attention

Flexispot Ep4

FlexiSpot E8

At the end of the line : The E8 is an easy-to-use electronic standing desk with a simple design and plenty of free space to put all your essential computing devices.


  • Easy to put in place
  • Minimalist and efficient design
  • Simple elevation controls
  • Huge amount of office space for computing devices

The inconvenients:

  • High price
  • Requires a screwdriver (not supplied)

FlexiSpot E8: price and availability

Review of the Flexispot E8 2021 standing deskSource: Windows Central

You can buy the FlexiSpot E8 from the FlexiSpot UK website, where it usually costs around £ 500 depending on how many personal customizations you choose on the store page. You can also buy the US variant of the FlexiSpot E8, the FlexiSpot EP4, on Amazon for $ 500. The FlexiSpot EP4 comes with additional features like a built-in USB charging port and two hooks to place your coats or headphones.

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FlexiSpot E8: Assembly and functionality

Things didn’t start well when I found out that the E8 didn’t come with an instruction booklet, even though it was supposed to have one. Fortunately, an online guide was available on the UK FlexiSpot website, so that was not a problem. Most people are unlikely to have missing booklets, and I probably just had some bad luck with my package. The assembly itself was a relatively straightforward task to accomplish, and the online instructions were easy to understand with clearly marked screws.

Category FlexiSpot E8
Color Black or white
Lifting mechanism Motor
Number of leg stage 3 steps
Height adjustments 60-125cm
Horizontal adjustments 110-190cm
Lifting speed 3.8 cm / s
Memory presets 4 memory presets
Anti-collision Yes
Child lock Yes
Sit-stand reminder No
Weight capacity 125kg
Applied desktop size 120-200cm wide and 60-80cm deep
Noise level 50db
Certificate FCC, UL, BIFMA
guarantee 3-year warranty for motors and 5-year warranty for the frame

Once everything was put together, I was immediately struck by how comfortable it was to work on it. I chose a mahogany finish for the desk, and it’s soft to the touch and attractive to look at. It’s so comfortable that I don’t even need pads for my wrists for long periods of typing. The corners are smooth edges, which reduces the discomfort when leaning against the desk and reduces potential injury in the event of an accident.

Next, I looked at the controls and the strength of the frame hydraulics, which according to specification has a weight capacity of 125 kg. I put my huge gaming rig, a pair of speakers, a monitor, and an Xbox Series X console on the desk, and it was able to move around without any issues. The hydraulic controls will allow you to move the desk up and down to a maximum height of between 60 cm and 125 cm. In addition to manually adjusting the height, there are predefined buttons that register how high you want the desk to move automatically.

FlexiSpot E8: Quality of Life Features

Review of the Flexispot E8 2021 standing deskSource: Windows Central

Note that when using the height adjustment controls, you may need to repeatedly press the buttons with some force to bring the controls out of sleep mode. It might seem like an odd design choice, but it makes sense when put into practice. So your pets or young children won’t accidentally move the desk and collide with nearby objects by rubbing against the controls. In my opinion, this is a huge improvement over a button design similar to the original Xbox One, where even a slight breeze could unintentionally turn on the console.

However, even if the desk comes into contact with a piece of furniture, the desk’s collision detection system will stop the moment the desk is obstructed by a heavy obstacle and will move back a few inches. Although lighter objects are not as easily detected, if you have a TV screen hanging above the desk or an armchair below, be careful when adjusting the height.

Under the desk is a cable crate where you can store all your electronic cables in a tidy place and reduce the clutter of cables around your workstation.

FlexiSpot E8: the competition

Review of the Flexispot E8 2021 standing deskSource: Windows Central

If the three-story electronic features are too expensive, you can look for a cheaper desk like the Classic EG1 / EF1 / EZ1 single-motor standing desk for £ 180, or the EQ5 / EC5 dual-motor standing desk for £ 300. There is also a wide variety of cheaper, non-FlexiSpot desks to buy on Amazon, like the OUTFINE electric height adjustable standing desk for $ 300 or the POXURIO electric height adjustable standing desk for $ 250 on Amazon, just to name. only a few.

FlexiSpot E8: should you buy it?

Review of the Flexispot E8 2021 standing deskSource: Windows Central

Overall, I am fully satisfied with this office. Its design is simple and efficient, and it does exactly what it sets out to do as a standing desk. The biggest downside I can see with this product is the high price tag due to the hydraulics and electronics installed in this office. You can argue that if you wanted to get a normal computer desk with the same level of build quality, it would be a quarter of the cost.

out of 5

The ultimate deciding factor in purchasing this product is whether you want the features of a standing desk, especially if you have back pain and need to work with proper posture and comfort. In this regard, I can say with all my heart that this office will certainly provide that.

High quality office

Flexispot Ep4

FlexiSpot E8

At the end of the line : If you are looking in the market for a high quality electronic standing desk that is easy to assemble and use, the FlexiSpot E8 is a great option.

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