Final Fantasy 14 Producer Says Xbox Version “Still in Discussion” with Microsoft

Final Fantasy 14 has become a huge cornerstone for Square Enix. The MMORPG has just passed 24 million players to become the highest-grossing game in the franchise. It has also received praise from critics and players alike since it was essentially rebuilt from the ground up for a major relaunch after its disastrous original launch. Having both his own storyline going and shooting all of them Final fantasy, that’s a pretty amazing achievement. It has also been completely absent from Xbox for the entire decade and it has worked. There were rumors and whispers that were going to change, but it never comes down to anything solid. Well, today we got something from the director / producer of the game that indicates it could happen again.

Speaking to Easy Allies, Naoki Yoshida (commonly referred to as Yoshi-P) was asked about a potential Xbox release. He apologized for not saying anything new, as he said before the game could arrive on Xbox, but reiterated that discussions are still ongoing with Microsoft to bring the game into this ecosystem. Interestingly, he wouldn’t outright say that there wasn’t an Xbox version and that there would be a lot to share on the subject that can’t be talked about at the moment. You can see the interview below.

Yoshida said earlier this year that the game still has five years of content planned whether or not an Xbox release comes. The game originally launched on PC and has since released on PS3 (which is no longer supported), PS4 and now PS5. It feels like there’s a lot of flirtation around the idea of ​​the game coming to the Xbox side, but no one can guess if that will happen. Apparently we still have half a decade of content left, so there’s still plenty of time.

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