FIFA 23 not launching due to Anti Cheat; performance issues too

EA FIFA is undoubtedly one of the most popular football simulation sagas in the gaming industry. FIFA 23 is the most recent installation of the franchise developed by Electronic Arts.

FIFA 23 brings multiple additions and adjustments aimed at delivering the most realistic virtual football experience possible to date. However, it looks like the game is a bit broken, at least on PC.

It’s worth pointing out that FIFA 23 players have been reporting several issues over the past few days, even from the beta, as we’ve covered here (1, 2).

Now, according to multiple reports, FIFA 23 is not launching for many PC players due to EA Anti Cheat system. Plus, there are a lot of performance issues that make it virtually unplayable.

FIFA 23 not launching due to EA Anti Cheat

To prevent cheating, EA has its own anti-cheat system built into many of its PC games. However, it seems that FIFA 23 on PC is not launching for many players due to EA Anti Cheat system.

The issue seems to occur from the platform you intend to run the game on (Steam, EA app, etc.).

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Still not launching on PC

I’ve tried so many things, used the EA app, Origin, and please don’t say use the admin… We pay them so much money every year and it happens all the time. I’m not angry anymore, just sad.

I can’t even get into the game on pc

like wtf should i do i paid 70 euro from this and i cant enter because of this new anti cheat shit and no youtube tutorial help because it says install failed when trying attempt to install anti-cheat again

FIFA 23 performance issues on PC

Players who can access FIFA 23 are also not getting a good experience. Apparently, the current PC game optimization is very poor.

Many FIFA 23 PC players are reporting several performance issues such as freezing, FPS drops, input lag, etc.


Fifa 23 Games is really slow, clunky and feels like there is input lag, has anyone else figured this out? (CP)

Also stutters when using Right Stick to switch.

Some gamers are worried about the game crashing their PC or some components because it uses so many resources that it leads to hardware overheating.

The PC version of Fifa 23 is BROKEN! This can possibly break PC components!

The PC version of Fifa 23 is BROKEN! My GPU gets WAY too hot IN THE MENU and the game even crashes my PC… It shuts down like it has a power drain. wtf?? Graphics look crappy compared to PS5, blurry etc like 720p. It’s not my PC, it has more than enough power to run the game at 120fps.

There are workarounds

While waiting for an official fix, there are workarounds that might help. First of all, if you are having an issue where the game is not launching, you can try the following:


You can also uninstall EA Anti Cheat from your PC by following this process:

-Open Windows Explorer and find C:Program FilesEAAC

-Click on EAAntiCheat.Installer.exe to launch the installer.

-If you want to uninstall it for a game, choose the game you want to uninstall and click Uninstall.

-If you want to uninstall it for all EA games, choose Uninstall All, which will remove all EA anti-cheat files from your computer, minus the installer.

For those who are facing graphics and performance issues, here are some tips:

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The EA Sports team is already aware that FIFA 23 is not launching

The EA Sports team has acknowledged the issue where the game is not launching. They also confirm that the fault lies with their anti-cheat system.

We are investigating reports of issues reported by some PC players when trying to launch FIFA 23.

If you see error messages related to EA Anti-Cheat or Secure Boot, this EA Help article describes various workarounds and requirements that can help you overcome these messages.
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Unfortunately, there is still no official word on the poor PC performance issues. So players will have to wait for further updates on this.

We will update this story as events unfold.

Featured Image: PlayStation

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