Explore Microsoft AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam and its main features with valid practice tests

Having some experience with Microsoft Azure technology, you should understand that passing the AZ-303 Dumps will not be an easy task. This is one of the qualifying tests for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certificate. You should therefore have strong knowledge and experience in designing and implementing these solutions that run on Microsoft Azure.

If you decide to go for this route, you need to know the information about the exam, its structure, topics and other important details. So, let’s explore these details and find out what you need to know.

Microsoft AZ-303 Exam Details

Considering the fact that this is an expert level exam, you should put all your effort into the preparation process. So you should know that AZ-304 Dumps : The Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies test contains approximately 60 questions. A potential candidate must be able to process them in 100 minutes and score at least 700 points to pass the exam. The test is available to take on the Pearson VUE platform in Korean, Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese. You will need to pay $165 to register for the exam.

Microsoft AZ-303 Exam Topics

In order to earn the passing score and take the other qualifying exam, a prospective candidate must be proficient in the topics covered in Microsoft AZ-303. The overall content is divided into 4 sections each covering certain details and skills. Overall, you will face the following areas:

  • Implementation and management of data platforms;
  • Implementation of management and security solutions;
  • Implementation of solutions for applications;
  • Implementation & Monitoring of an Azure Infrastructure.

Preparing for these topics will help you learn the details of creating a container image, installing, and configuring AZ-400 Dumps , implementing Azure SQL managed instances, and other skills. You will also learn how to implement Azure functions, monitor health and availability, configure Azure AD Identity Protection, migrate workloads with the use of Azure Migrate, as well as configure App Service.

Microsoft AZ-303 Preparation Options

There are plenty of prep resources out there, so you can choose from a wide range of options, including practice tests, study guides, Azure Fundamentals dumps , training courses, video lectures, etc. There are free and paid materials and you can opt for the ones you define as best for you. For example, Microsoft offers paid instructor-led courses, free online learning paths, and practice tests. These options can be found directly on the certification exam web page. As for the other resources, a potential candidate can search for them on the third-party platforms.


Opting for Microsoft AZ-303 is one of the difficult tasks as you will have to pass it with flying colors and then pass another expert level exam. But after that, you will get the certification and can prove your skills. It is not an easy process indeed, but it will serve you well. After all the struggles, you might land a better job, validate your skills to ask for a promotion, or even hope for a raise. There will be many benefits if you put in all your effort and complete the AZ-104 with a high score.

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