Driver and Microsoft Installer issues in Win11 after update • The registry


Windows 11 continued to report known issues, with Microsoft admitting issues in the Intel Smart Sound and Microsoft Installer department following a security update.

The first emerged earlier this week, when Microsoft realized that “certain versions” of the drivers for Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST) could put Windows 11 on a blue screen (of death). The driver involved is IntcAudioBus.sys and file versions and earlier or and earlier are affected.

The workaround, unsurprisingly, is to get an updated driver from its OEM. and later or and later should do this, according to Microsoft. A little confusing, “To solve this problem, versions 10.30.x are not newer than versions 10.29.x.” The key bit is the last of the version number.

While a compatibility block has been launched to prevent other users with sound drivers not up to Windows 11 from updating the operating system, others are optimistically applying the security patches of the company may not have been so lucky.

KB5007215 was released to devotees on November 9, and in addition to seeing print server connection issues in the hotfix known issues, Microsoft had to add one of its side effects to the health dashboard yesterday. of the Windows version. In this case, Microsoft’s installer did not work after the update (or its later siblings) and could “have problems repairing or updating applications.”

One of the affected applications is part of Endpoint Security 11 for Windows from Kaspersky. Kaspersky noted that while their app would continue to work fine, issues could arise when updating or changing the scope of the app.

Kaspersky’s recommendation is to temporarily suspend the update (Microsoft has said it is “working on a resolution and will provide a new update in a future release”). Otherwise, the mitigation appears to be an uninstall and reinstall of the affected app.

The software equivalent of turning it off and back on. Even in 2021, the old ways are still the best, it seems. ®


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