Did Microsoft just give us a preview of the next Windows desktop?

Windows 10 is not the latest Windows operating system. Microsoft released Windows 11 when it had said years earlier that nothing would come after Windows 10.

Now, the company seems focused on its new Windows 11 operating system. New major updates will be released once a year and a new Feature Dropping feature will push new features to the OS several times between of them.

Rumors suggest that Microsoft may be working on Windows 12 already. Nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft, and it’s possible that Microsoft will continue to evolve Windows 11 in the coming years instead of moving to Windows 12 just a few years after the release. Windows 11 release.

A display that Microsoft included in a presentation at this year’s Ignite event has captured the imagination of tech enthusiasts and journalists.

source: Microsoft

The screen shows a prototype of the Windows desktop. It features a floating taskbar with central icons, and several key Windows 11 taskbar elements are now at the top of the screen.

There’s the weather icon powered by Windows Widgets in the top left corner and the system tray area with the clock in the top right.

While it’s certainly possible that Microsoft is working on Windows 12 and the prototype desktop shown is from that operating system, it’s also possible that Microsoft just showed off the next iteration of the Windows 11 desktop instead.

Aside from the usual development caveat that everything may or may not be released in this state, what Microsoft has shown is certainly as disruptive as moving taskbar icons, including the menu icon Start, in the center of the taskbar.

Apple uses a similar layout on macOS. The system has a floating taskbar-like area at the bottom and a top row that displays the time among other information. Microsoft’s design doesn’t copy the entire macOS desktop, but it certainly has some similarities.

Zac Bowden at Windows Central claims he saw a similarly designed prototype some time ago, and has been told by sources familiar with the matter that Microsoft is aiming to improve the next interface for touch access.

How did the prototype image end up in an official presentation? It is unlikely that the inclusion happened by accident. Someone didn’t pay attention and no one else noticed. It’s more likely to be a deliberate act to get some initial feedback on the new design. With millions of eyes on every image in the presentation, it was clear that someone would spot the new desktop, given that it was a significant departure from the Windows 11 desktop.

Closing words

Major design changes are often disliked by users. Workflows have to change and the information is somewhere else all of a sudden. Microsoft has a habit of removing features during design reviews.

In summary, what Microsoft has revealed is a preview of what the future Windows desktop might look like. Whether it could launch with Windows 12 or a new Windows 11 update remains to be seen. It’s also possible that the company will choose another interface entirely for the next desktop iteration.

Now you: floating taskbar and items on top, what’s your opinion on that?


Did Microsoft just give us a preview of the next Windows desktop?

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Did Microsoft just give us a preview of the next Windows desktop?

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Microsoft showed off a new Windows desktop interface during a presentation at this year’s Ignite trade show. Is this a prototype of the Windows 12 desktop?


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