Cover your home with Wi-Fi with this 3-pack of Eero mesh systems on sale for $ 159

No more dead zones. No more corner of the couch you avoid because your Wi-Fi is dying. No longer worry about losing your ability to diffuse when entering the garage. Get wireless internet everywhere with this Eero 3-pack on sale as part of Amazon’s Epic Daily Deals for just $ 159. It’s a match for the lowest price we’ve seen, and it’s $ 10 better than any offer we’ve seen this year. The 3-pack normally sells for around $ 200, and you can still find it at other retailers like Best Buy. Since this is an epic daily deal, it won’t last long.

Pack of 3 Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Systems | $ 40 off

This is Ecobee’s newest smart thermostat, and it’s simply called SmartThermostat. The name is boring, but the product is fantastic. It improves on all previous generations and features an all-new design with a glass finish, vivid touchscreen, quad-core processor, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and far-field voice recognition that can pick up your orders from across the room. Like the Ecobee 4, this one comes with its own smart sensor. And you can add more.

$ 249 on Amazon

This is an older generation of the Eero mesh network system. While still a fantastic device and today’s price makes it a great deal, this Eero 3-pack has its limits. The biggest problem is that its maximum support is for Wi-Fi 5, not Wi-Fi 6. You will have to pay an extra $ 120 to get the Eero 6, so if budget is an issue but you still need great Wi-Fi, go with today’s deal instead.

That being said, you can get a lot out of the Eero. It can cover up to 5,000 square feet with fast, consistent Wi-Fi. The Eero emphasizes ease of installation and use, taking less than 10 minutes to get up and go. They also work easily with most Internet providers, so you can easily connect to your modem.

The system is designed with automatic updates so that you have all the new features released by Eero as soon as they become available. TrueMesh technology also helps the Eero intelligently route traffic to avoid buffers and traffic jams. You can even use Amazon Alexa to control the Eero with your voice and do things like check your network or get a guest password.

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