Calling 911 can be a problem for Android users with the older version of Microsoft Teams

TORONTO, Ontario – Some Android users may experience issues calling 911 through Microsoft Teams, according to a recent notice from Bell.

Notice says customers with the Microsoft Teams app installed on their devices, with Android 10 or later versions, may have problems calling 911 due to “unintentional interaction” between the app and the system Android operating system.

Reports said that a Reddit user initially reported the issue, prompting Google to respond that it was able to reproduce the issue under a “limited set of circumstances”, but believed it was not present. only on a “small number of devices”. “who installed the application, with the user not logged in.

Bell says Microsoft has made an update to the app available to Microsoft Teams users through the Google Play Store.

Users are advised to ensure that they are running the latest version, 1416 / and newer.

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