Bayonetta 3 will feature many new elements; Dev wants to finish Scalebound if Microsoft wants it

Bayonetta 3 is the next big action title from PlatinumGames, and it will feature many new elements, according to the developer.

Talk with IGN JapanPlatinumGames CEO Atsushi Inaba and series creator Hideki Kamiya spoke about the third entry in the series, saying the game will feature many elements never before seen in the series.

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Additionally, Hideki Kamiya said that Bayonetta 3 would feel fun faster if the player had experienced the previous two entries in the series, although the game was still enjoyable without previous experience with the series. The game will also feature mechanics that will make the game enjoyable for players who aren’t particularly good at action games, which isn’t surprising given that the previous two entries featured something similar.

Interestingly enough, Hideki Kamiya also addressed some rumors suggesting the developer had to work around creative restrictions due to Nintendo’s release of Bayonetta 3. It’s not, Kamiya said, and so the game will be quite different from previous entries in the series. , although he did not specify in what way.

In the interview, Inaba and Kamiya commented on Scalebound, their canceled Xbox One exclusive game. Apparently they really want to finish the project if Microsoft is willing to let them have another try. This isn’t the first time PlatinumGames has confirmed that they’d like to complete the game if given the opportunity, so it’s really up to Microsoft at this point.

Bayonetta 3 is releasing this year for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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