Avoid Hacking Windows 10 or Windows 11 with Best Prices

From time to time, we like to collaborate with portals that offer Microsoft licenses at good prices. Hacking today is not as necessary and even less so with alternatives like the one we offer. You can have legal Windows licenses for less than 20 euros and make sure you receive all updates and avoid downloads from fraudulent sites.

Enjoy the best Microsoft software at the best price

With the arrival of Windows 10, not having an original license was not a big deal and Microsoft talked about it. The problem is that it is always better to have original licenses to avoid problems and have the best support. From Keysfan they want to help us in this process by offering different licenses for Windows and Office, the most popular Microsoft software. Then we leave you the prices of Windows licenses.

As we told you before, another of the star products is Office. In Office we can choose the subscription service, Microsoft 365, or opt for a permanent license. Unfortunately there are no Microsoft 365 offers so we can offer you permanent account codes with a price that encourages us to avoid hacking

On the Keysfan site, you also have the option of buying Office and Windows packages to get the best deal. In addition, they offer us the code BKS62 so that you can get the products at the best price, combining Windows 10 or Windows 11 with the version of Office that suits you best.

You know, the days of piracy are numbered. You can enjoy original Windows and Office licenses at the best prices and avoid dubious software problems. We hope we have been helpful to you.

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