Auto tips: From keeping your car windows clean to checking your bulbs, the best tips for driving safely in the dark

What should I pay particular attention to when driving at night? With the clocks ticking back this weekend, many of us may find ourselves commuting almost exclusively in the dark, so the most important feature in your car is your lights. It may seem incredibly obvious, but remember: if you’ve driven so far in daylight, it’s very easy for a damaged headlight or a blown bulb to go unnoticed. All of your lights need to work on your car during the winter because they not only light the road, but they also allow other drivers and road users to see you.

Also, do not drive with just one headlamp because not only is your vision reduced by half, but other road users have a false impression of the width of the vehicle. A helpful habit is to check your lights weekly in the winter.

Is there anything else that needs special attention?
Make sure your windows are clear as during the day the height of the sun can be very low and can make visibility poor, but at night you need to make sure you have the best visibility.

You should also reduce your speed at night especially on rural roads and watch out for cyclists and pedestrians, who are particularly vulnerable at night.

What should I take in my car in winter?
It’s always a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car, but a few extra items are needed in the winter. Useful inclusions are a torch, ideally a headlamp, a first aid kit, a power bank for your mobile, and a scraper or defroster to clean your windows if the temperature drops.

If snow is likely, it is important to also have spare batteries and bulbs, warm blankets, extra water, a shovel to clear snow, emergency road maps and snacks.

If you feel tired while driving, what is the best advice?
Drunk driving has been shown to be as dangerous as drunk driving. If you start to tire, the Road Safety Authority advises you to park, sip a coffee and take a 15-minute nap. After that you should be able to drive another hour or so.

Trick: Be sure to have your eyes tested regularly. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, have the correct prescription, as this is especially important when driving at night. It is recommended to take a test at least every two years.

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