ASC Recording Insights for Microsoft Teams Review

Data is one of the most important tools any business can access. The more data we collect, the more informed our decisions are, paving the way for better performance, better service and better results.

Calls and conversations with customers are one of the most valuable types of data among many businesses. Every conversation you have with a user is full of hidden value. These discussions not only provide insight into service trends and customer needs. They can also tell you more about your audience’s sentiment, expectations, and intent.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to translate raw customer call data into meaningful insights. For companies using Microsoft Teams to manage internal and external calls, the built-in call recording features are not enough for secure data analysis.

This is where solutions like ASC Recording Insights come in.

Here’s everything you need to know about ASC Recording Insights and what it can do for your Microsoft Teams-focused business.

What is ASC Recording Insights?

ASC Recording was one of the first solutions to emerge on Microsoft Teams and the AppSource website as a compliant call recording service. Native Teams recording capabilities do not extend to PSTN calls and offer limited support for industry regulations.

That’s why Microsoft created its “Certified Call Recording” program, to allow external providers to offer solutions that are natively integrated into the Teams experience. The ASC Recording Insights service is an updated version of ASC’s call recording technology designed to extract greater value from every conversation in your Teams instance.

The service works by allowing business leaders to analyze all communications within Teams, ensuring seamless compliance with regulators, while collecting valuable data. The system ensures that Teams users can take advantage of a central platform for end-to-end communications, without compromising legally compliant registration.

Produced by ASC Technologies, the add-on app transcribes all audio conversations using Speech Services from Azure Cognitive Services. These tools allow companies to protect against business risks and liability claims, while leveraging the values ​​of NLP services for automatic categorization, language translation, and emotion detection.

Reviewing ASC Registration Information: Features

Designed specifically for the Microsoft Teams ecosystem, ASC Recording Insights provides a fully compliant recording service for the entire Teams ecosystem. The technology facilitates automated document management, emotion detection and compliant recording, in compliance with MiFID II and Dodd-Frank regulations.

For businesses in industries with high regulatory requirements, ASC Recording Insights encrypts all data at the tenant level and allows teams to archive their recordings in selectable Azure regions. This means you can isolate your data footprint by region. The communication content can then be tagged, categorized, extracted and analyzed, even without human review.

According to Dr. Gerald Kromer, CEO of ASC, the solution brings the potential of modern AI to the Teams ecosystem, so businesses can proactively understand and analyze data. Features include:

  • Turnkey MiFID II and Dodd-Frank compliance
  • Recording for chats, meetings, video calls and content sharing
  • Microsoft Azure storage in selectable geographic regions
  • Rapid deployment of native one-click apps for Teams
  • User mapping through Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Cognitive Services information about feelings and emotions
  • Transcription and translation within Teams
  • Categorization, labeling and analysis of records

ASC Recording Insights Review: Benefits

ASC Technologies designed its Recording Insights technology for Teams to enable businesses to do more when using Teams as a central hub for communications. Using this technology, employees in regulated industries can meet colleagues and clients without having to worry about setting up separate third-party check-in tools.

The solution leverages the latest AI and encryption features to deliver the best possible security and insights to business leaders. Key benefits include:

  • Omnichannel recording: Users can collect compliant records across all communications within Teams. The solution even natively transcribes calls using built-in AI solutions, to make content more searchable within the data network. Once a recording has been transcribed, it can be archived and filed according to business needs.
  • Outstanding analysis: ASC Recording Insights’ natural language processing technology enables businesses to extract additional value from conversations. It is possible to detect emotions and feelings within a call, as well as track specific repeated terms and keywords. The result is an easier way to get behind the scenes of customer interactions and leverage insights for business decisions.
  • Compliant control: ASC Recording Insights allows users to store information collected from call recordings according to their specific needs. Data can be encrypted at the tenant level and archived in selectable regions, allowing organizations to isolate data based on specific geographic boundaries. There’s even support for user matching in Azure Active Directory for better auditing capabilities.
  • Higher level encryption: Users can implement proprietary encryption keys for administrators and enable key rotation at predefined intervals to ensure content remains as secure as possible. The compliance standards implemented by ASC Technologies ensure that companies remain compliant with high-level directives such as Dodd-Frank and Mi-FID II without having to leverage external third-party applications.
  • Simple functionality: While other compliant call recording solutions would require teams to use additional technology on top of their Teams instance, this service integrates directly into Teams. The solution provides users with the tools they need to manage complex regulatory requirements for recording, archiving and analysis with a single click in Teams.

ASC Recording Insights Review: Verdict

Many organizations around the world today have a legal obligation to record and archive communications within their business environments. However, for those who use Microsoft Teams as a central hub for conversations, it hasn’t always been a straightforward process. The native integration offered by ASC Technologies provides everything teams need in a simple environment.

The compliant solution is available as Intelligent Voice Recording and Compliance Voice Recording, so teams can access different levels of omnichannel service depending on their use case. In addition, the solution is frequently updated to meet the growing and evolving needs of companies that spend more time in their Teams ecosystem.

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