Artistic Dance Studio has a new location in Fall River

FALL RIVER – As the saying goes, “The show must go on.”

And that’s what he’s done for a longtime dance studio in town, which, barring a short break, is back in its dancing shoes and ready to kick things off in its new home.

Last summer, Keith Silva and Marissa Tavano, owners of artistic dance studio, were busy making moves.

After more than a decade at Tower Mill, the owners of the studio, formerly located at 657 Quarry St., were told last spring that their lease was not being renewed and that they would have three months to move out. Party Dress Express and Planet Fitness were also forced out of the Tower Mill to make room for storage.

“It was devastating,” Tavano said. “When you finally start to rebuild yourself after COVID and something like this hits you.”

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The studio had survived the pandemic – Zoom classes helping them through a six-month shutdown – and had custom-built this mill space over the years to suit their needs, so they had no intention of leave the only home that many of their students had known. . But life had other plans.

Although it was a very “stressful and overwhelming time,” Tavano said, the pair have finally landed on their feet at their new location – just 10 minutes away at 18 Thompson St., Fall River – and are excited to begin their next chapter.

“As sad as it was to leave because we had been there 12 years and built so much there and our son was practically born there, it was kind of a blessing in disguise,” said Silva, who runs Artistic Dance Studio with Tavano, his fiancée with whom he shares two sons.

“It’s been a hectic few months…but it also feels good to be in this new space,” Silva said.

Once they secured their location in May, things moved quickly. They had a recital on June 18 and had to leave Tower Mill by July 1, so that didn’t give them much time to transition.

Owners Keith Silva and Marissa Tavano stand in the speaker room at Artistic Dance Studio, which has moved into its new North End home of Fall River.

A whole new dance space

And they only had July to renovate their new space and build everything where it needed to be before its intensive dance week for competition teams starting August 15. Renovations included pouring concrete for the studio floor, putting up walls, soundproofing, building an observation area, and installing air conditioners.

“As people were coming in, I was literally putting the tools away…but it worked,” said Silva, who credited the dance dads for their tremendous help in getting the studio back in shape.

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This dance hall, one of three in Artistic Dance Studio's new location, has large windows with street views, something it didn't have in their previous Tower Mill home.

An open house was held at the Artistic Dance Studio at the end of August to give people a first look at the new facility.

According to Tavano, the response from those who have explored the Thompson Street site, located just off President Avenue, has been overwhelmingly positive.

“People love this new place,” Tavano said.

Artistic Dance Studio Keith Silva and Marissa Tavano move into their new location at 18 Thompson Street, Fall River, in the north end of town.

Upon entering the new artistic dance studio, you will see a reception desk surrounded by dance trophies and merchandise. There are lounges with bespoke benches for parents of dancers to use during lessons and a homework area for the kids. The space also includes two 65-inch TVs – one showing the Artistic Dance Studio YouTube channel and the other showing the dance halls.

One-way mirrors give families a peek into the main dance hall, a smaller dance hall features a huge, eye-catching speaker wall, and the final dance hall is lit by large windows that offer views of the street .

A spiral staircase that leads to an upstairs office was also installed, giving the place a “cool, old-school look,” Silva said.

One of the dance spaces at Artistic Dance Studio's new location in Fall River.

The dance studio currently shares a building with a lounge and photography studio/art gallery.

According to Tavano, the biggest benefit of their new 3,500 square foot space is a larger parking lot – this one has its own behind the building – and large windows that they can open and let in natural light, what they didn’t have at the mill.

“We have windows we can open, it’s fresh air, if I wanted to take a break I can just walk out the door and you’re in the parking lot – you’re not stuck inside of a sunless mill,” Tavano said. .

The Speakers Room, one of three dance rooms at the Artistic Dance Studio, which recently moved to its new location at 18 Thompson St., Fall River.

One important thing on their checklist for a new location: a Fall River zip code.

Silva, who grew up uptown and lives here with his family, has had opportunities in the past to pursue his passion for dance to a new level, including a call from friend Nick DeMoura, a a Fall River native who serves as Justin Bieber’s longtime choreographer and director, to join him in Los Angeles. But Silva said he felt he had more to do in Fall River.

“I said I wanted to build this stuff back home,” said Silva, who hopes to continue cultivating the hip hop scene in Spindle City.

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Looking back, Silva said he still doesn’t regret the decision.

A mentor for young dancers

To be a mentor to young dancers, to see his students succeed, to see generations of students pass through his doors, he said, is “so satisfying.”

“We open many doors and make it possible, through the connections we have in the dance world, to make you feel like you can chase your dreams…and you never have to stop dancing,” Silva said.

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He noted that a former student, now a faculty member at the Artistic Dance Studio, placed in the top 10 on the TV competition show “So You Think You Can Dance,” and another was selected to perform in a dance routine at a Justin Bieber concert.

As they prepare to launch classes on September 12, Silva and Tavano said they look forward to making new memories with their students and encouraging success stories.

“If it can get a kid out of depression, if it can help a kid focus, we just want to see it change people’s lives for the better,” Silva said.

Artistic dance studio class

Artistic Dance Studio offers classes for dancers of all ages (2 to adult), interests (ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop) and abilities (recreational and competitive).

They have a strong hip hop base, which is different for the region, Silva said. They run beginner/intermediate adult hip hop classes every Thursday as they are in high demand.

“These parents live for that hour; it’s their hour of freedom. I have a full class every week. They love it,” Silva said. “They’re having a blast.”

For more information about Artistic Dance Studio, visit their Facebook page at

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