ALLPLAN updates its BIM software

ALLPLAN presented its latest service release for its Allplan 2022 software on April 7, 2022

ALLPLAN has just introduced its latest service release for its Allplan 2022 software. Munich-based ALLPLAN produces building information modeling (BIM) software for the architecture, engineering and construction industry (AEC). Its user-friendly BIM software offers an integrated working environment for architects, engineers and contractors on a single software platform. This extends from initial design through to successful implementation on site.

Its latest service release, dubbed “Allplan 2022-1”, offers designers a “Technical Preview” feature. This allows live synchronization with Lumion viewing software. Other improvements include:

  • better user experience
  • improvements to the installation procedure
  • improvements for experienced users
  • sophisticated features such as parametric road design

Realistic visualizations with Lumion

One of the smartest new improvements in the latest version of ALLPLAN is its “LiveSync” feature. This allows viewpoint synchronization between Allplan and Lumion. This functionality means that changes made to the model or viewing position in Allplan are also automatically applied to Lumion. This allows users to generate visualizations in Lumion quickly and easily. This is particularly useful for realistic representations of vegetation, interior decoration, or moving objects such as people or vehicles.

Better user experience

To make it easier for new users to get started with Allplan, its tooltips have been improved. When the user hovers the mouse button over an icon, a brief explanation of the function is automatically displayed. Developments to standardize the user interface were also continued. For example, property palettes have been added for more object types such as openings and steel connection components. Users can also rotate a selected object in its animation.

Improvements to the installation procedure

The new Windows installer makes getting started a lot easier. The user guide has also been redesigned and simplified. This greatly speeds up the download and installation process. Administrators in charge of a large number of workstations will be delighted to know that you can save all of your settings on one installation and redeploy them to your remaining installation. Additionally, projects can now be imported from any source directly into the project selection dialog.

Improvements for experienced users

Experienced users will appreciate that creating their own Python scripts is simpler and easier. The new palette designer allows settings to be placed selectively across multiple tabs. Tooltips have been improved and adjustment sliders are now supported. It is also possible to access additional components such as columns and beams and control the IFC export. Additionally, actions can be undone or redone with a single click. For easier use of its cloud services, there is a new common login for Allplan Connect and Bimplus.

Parametric road design with Allplan

Road design modeling using ALLPLAN software

In Allplan 2022-1, a road model is created based on the assigned cross section models. All plans and reports can be automatically derived directly from the model. The parametric concept makes it possible to subsequently modify the slope of a road axis or, for example, to easily adjust the basic data of the terrain. In addition to high performance, Allplan offers an intuitive graphical user interface, simple input workflows and a wide range of functions for model details. This latest service release also offers additional components for automated plan generation, improved input of vertical axis geometry, and much faster graphical display of the terrain model.

Installing the latest update

Allplan 2022-1 was released on April 7, 2022 and is available via the “Automatic update” function in Allplan or Allplan Connect. Please note that synchronization with Lumion requires Lumion version 8.3 or later and Allplan version 2022-1 or later.

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