AdDuplex: Windows 11 usage share growth slowed to a crawl in March 2022

Last month, AdDuplex reported that Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system gained significant share, with its usage share reaching 19.3% of all monitored systems. This month, AdDuplex reports that growth has slowed as Microsoft’s operating system managed to increase its usage share by a tenth of a percent to 19.4% overall.

AdDuplex numbers are not exact, as they derive them from thousands of apps for Windows 10 and 11 only. Still, the numbers provide us with trends, and the current trend doesn’t look good for Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system.

Windows 11, despite being offered as a free update provided the Windows 10 license is genuine and the PC meets all system requirements, has not taken the Windows world by storm. Although this is to be expected, since a portion of devices that run Windows 10 and earlier versions are not compatible with Windows 11, it might remind veteran Windows users of other Windows versions that didn’t work too well. .

Admittedly, a usage share of 19.4% six months after launch sounds pretty good at first glance. AdDuplex’s numbers are higher, as it only monitors Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices. Statcounter saw Windows 11 at a usage share of 7.89% in February 2022, compared to 19.3% for AdDuplex the same month.

On Steam, Windows 11 is listed with a usage share of 15.59% for February 2022. One explanation for this higher number is that gamers are more likely to be running the latest versions of an operating system on their devices. devices. The two services have yet to release numbers for March 2022. The “true” number is unknown, but it’s likely to be between the two extremes.

Two versions of Windows 10 placed first and second on AdDuplex in March 2022. The latest version of Windows 10, version 21H2, has a share of 28.5% according to the report. The share of Windows 10 version 21H1 is 26.5%. The share of Windows 10 version 21H2 more than doubled from 12.1% in February, while the share of Windows 10 version 21H1 fell 2.1% at the same time. Most of the gains came from devices running Windows 10 version 20H2, which were no longer supported recently.

Regarding the growth of Windows 11; it’s possible that the growth will continue into April 2022. Assuming the number doesn’t grow much, some may wonder if this was a smart move to increase Windows 11 system requirements and if that is hindering growth, or if something else is preventing customers from upgrading to the new operating system.

April 2022 stats and missing March 2022 stats from Statcounter and Valve may shed light on this point.

Now you: Will Windows 11’s usage share continue to grow, or has it already plateaued?


AdDuplex: Windows 11 usage share growth slowed to a crawl in March 2022

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AdDuplex: Windows 11 usage share growth slowed to a crawl in March 2022

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The usage share of Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system plateaued in March 2022 according to statistics published by AdDuplex for the month.


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