6 years after its release, Microsoft is still working on the Windows Control Panel migration

When Microsoft released Windows 10 in 2015, it launched the operating system with a new Settings app, which it designed as a modern replacement for the Control Panel.

The company moved some applets from the Control Panel to the Settings app, but left most of the applets untouched at the time. He announced that the Control Panel will disappear and the Settings app will become the main hub for controlling preferences on Windows 10. Some options for accessing Control Panel have been removed in the Creators Update and some applets have been removed. been migrated to settings. application in the six years since the release of Windows 10.

We are now at the end of 2021, six years after the release of Windows 10. Windows 11 was released within a year, although Microsoft had said earlier that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows.

The Control Panel is still available, as only a few applets have been migrated so far. Now, with the latest version of Windows 11 in 2021, migrating two Control Panel applets. Both applets have been disabled by Microsoft in Control Panel; they are now placeholders that point to the appropriate section in the operating system’s Settings app.

The two applets in question are installed applications and update history. Both will no longer open when opened in Control Panel.

The links to Programs and Features in Control Panel will now open to Settings> Applications> Installed Applications. EDIT: In other words, links to the page to uninstall or change programs on your PC.
We’re moving uninstall updates (for cumulative updates, etc.) from Control Panel to a new page in Settings under Settings> Windows Update> Update History.

The Settings pages to control installed apps and manage update history are not new, as they were present in previous versions of Windows 10 and 11. Administrators who used one or both Control Panel applets are not new. can no longer do it.

Settings applications often lack the functionality offered by Control Panel applets. The software uninstallation applet displayed the installed programs in a table, which users could sort and add information, such as the installation location.

The uninstall update applet also displayed a table of installed updates, and users could sort and add information to it.

Windows 11 Control Panel installed updates

The installed apps page of the Settings app does not have these options. You can search for installed apps, sort by date, name or size, or filter by player. Information such as the installation path cannot be added.

applications installed on windows 11

Closing words

If Microsoft keeps up the pace, the Control Panel will still be there when Windows 12 releases in 2027. Clearly the change is removing functionality. While the basic functionality is still there, useful features such as the option to add information to lists, or sort lists using other parameters, are no longer available.

Administrators can use third-party programs to uninstall software or the Windows Package Manager for this purpose.

Now you: how to uninstall programs or updates?


6 years after its release, Microsoft is still working on the Windows Control Panel migration

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6 years after its release, Microsoft is still working on the Windows Control Panel migration

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Microsoft migrated two Control Panel applets to the Windows 11 Settings app in the latest version of Windows 11 in 2021.


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